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Press Release: Melanie Orr’s Recent Halifax Home Staging Accolades Demonstrate Success

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Recent Halifax home staging successes demonstrate Melanie Orr’s skill and accomplishment as a professional Stager.

Melanie Orr, owner of Interiors Working for You, has demonstrated her skill and accomplishment with her recent Halifax home staging jobs. Melanie is no stranger to the business, being the longest standing professional Stager in the HRM, but she approaches each staging experience in a unique way.

According to Melanie, “anyone and everyone can benefit from the services of a professional Home Stager if they want to sell their home for top dollar and as quickly as possible.” Recently she helped three very different home owners prepare their houses for sale.

Property number one was a downtown condo with high end pricing, limited contents, an absent seller, and a target market determined to be middle aged to senior singles or couples. Property number two was a single family home, just outside the city, mid range pricing, and fully furnished, and the target market determined to be young families. This property had a seller who was quite eager to help. Property number three was a single family, older home at entry-level pricing that was competing with new construction. Itw as within city boundaries, and the target market was young families and singles working downtown. The seller for this property was a bit older and skeptical with restrictions on budget, ability and time.

Each started with a consultation to determine what changes were recommended and who would make these happen. The level of detail and explanation needed varied a great deal between these three consultations due to the property differences as well as the varying knowledge the sellers had of the benefits and process of staging. In two cases there was a list of painting and repairs to do. In one case there were also upgrades warranted in order to meet the expectations of their likely buyers, and the materials were chosen by Melanie to ensure the appropriate look would be achieved. In one case the trade people were provided by Melanie, as well. In all three cases a rearrangement was recommended for optimal lifestyle selling.

Following the consultation, each of these three properties requested further services from Melanie. One seller followed through with all the recommendations themselves then had me back to showcase the primary rooms. Two of the sellers had Melanie dress the properties, including the rental of staging props, one renting furniture and accessories while the other rented just a few key accessories to be used with their existing contents, which Melanie rearranged. The length of time from consultation to listing for the three properties varied from five days to three weeks.

Clearly all the sellers were happy with Melanie’s work. As the story progresses and properties are sold, follow-up press releases will be published. Melanie concludes with, “Anyone and everyone can benefit from professional Home Staging services, no matter who the seller is, what the selling price is, and how the market is. Were these three transformations successful? Stay tuned. All three properties have just hit the market.”

To find out more about Melanie Orr and Halifax home staging,

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