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Press Release: This Valentine's Day Being Without A Date Can Be Great

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Bloomex hosts "Best Breakup" contest to celebrate being without a date this Valentine's Day

OTTAWA-Many public display of affection (PDA) hungry lovebirds, jump at the opportunity to pronounce their love to one another. Others--the single selves--find Valentine’s Day to be the one day where those who are not paired up are called to their obligatory duty of being happy even when not.

In honour of the “I hate Valentine’s Day” Facebook groups, discussions and those who generally hate the day when singles are made to feel oh so lonely, Bloomex decided that being without a date CAN BE GREAT! Officially launching the “Best break-up story” contest during the last week of January, Bloomex asked those who were without a date this Valentine’s Day to share their best break-up story to win a prize.

“We had quite the response to this contest,” said Dimitri Lokhonia, president of Bloomex who acknowledged that this was an interesting angle for the company since their main customers tend to be those who are either in a relationship or purchasing flowers for a loved one.

“It’s funny because when people think of flowers they tend to think that if they don’t have a significant other they shouldn’t buy flowers,” said Lokhonia. “They forget that everyone has the right to feel special at all times and especially on Valentine’s day. We thought this contest would be unique because it appealed to a different audience.”

With a healthy and very hearty bunch of submissions it was extremely difficult to choose a winner.

“Some submissions that came in were funny, and some were just down-right sad,” said Lokhonia. “Sad in the sense that it’s hard to believe some people can be so harsh, but if anything I think this whole contest acted as a way for those who were broken hearted to air their feelings, write them down on paper, and know that it would be heard by someone.”

In the end three finalists were selected. The winner will be announced on February 9, 2011.

For more information contact:

Sheila Bowes

Public Relations Coordinator, Bloomex

613-963-0484 613-963-0484


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