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Press Release: Who Is Red John? NEW Evidence Points to Patrick Jane's Father Alex

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If you've ever watched the hit CBS TV show "The Mentalist", you may have wondered if it will take until the end of the series, in 2 to 4 years, for it to be revealed who Red John, the serial killer who murdered the main character's wife and child, really is.

While many clues clearly point to Patrick Jane's father as Red John, watching the show knowing this won't make it less exciting. It actually adds to the suspense, because you can see how Patrick Jane has been dealing with his father's twisted psychology his entire life. And you will save money not having to watch the show all over on dvd when the series ends. Well, maybe.

Here are the clues I learned from other people's analysis of the show, first:

1. Some fathers name one son after themselves. The first clue is the hidden connections between their names.

Alex Jane = Red John

Patrick Jane = Pink Jean

As I said, someone else figured this one out, that Pink is a real, nickname version of Patrick. And Jane anagrams to Jean, the French version of John. Because pink is light red, and Jean seems to Americans like a less manly version of John, this matches with the psychology of Patrick's father, who bullied him into working as a child psychic at carnivals, and now taunts him regularly, especially for his fear of guns. Two Red John letters have had this same tone, even though one was said to be fake.

2. Two of the Red John murders had writing on the wall, written in blood, which looked like "he is man". It also looked like "he 15 mar", or the date of Julius Caesar's assassination, the 15th of March, 44 BC. The expression "the writing is on the wall" is from a Bible story about an unworthy ruler losing his power and his kingdom. Many politicians joined Brutus in assassinating Caesar.

3. A woman who had met Red John told Patrick Jane they were alike. Like father, like son.

Patrick Jane has received no forensics training, but he can figure out many clues about murders, as if he was extensively trained in understanding murder evidence, and thus, how to fake evidence or get away with murder. If his father was willing to teach him to fake psychic abilities, he may have been so morally bankrupt he also taught him to kill, hence Patrick Jane's intense trauma-based fear of guns, despite being around them daily.

Further, until his wife and child were killed, and he had a psychiatric breakdown, Patrick Jane was still working as a fake psychic. He claimed on tv to have helped psychically profile Red John, and very soon after his wife and child were killed. It was as though Red John had already been aware of him, and knew where he lived, and when he was on tv. The note on the door taunted Patrick Jane spitefully for being a fake psychic. This doesn't make sense for a serial killer who proudly uses fakery of any kind to make victims of people, and respects trickery as an art. It does, however, sound like an immature and psychopathic parent throwing a rebellious teenager's moral criticism back in their face years later.

4. The bloody happy face Red John leaves at each murder looks like Patrick Jane's face, with down-turned eyes when he smiles. There is a "red" happy face on the planet Mars, and the show often features names with "mar" in them, referring to Rome. There is also a graphic novel with a bloody happy face, which features a super-heroine that is a dead-ringer for Grace Van Pelt. It's array of super heroes match the people and situations in the Caesar family as well.

My own ideas that connect the above clues may seem strange at first, because they also connect two layers of meaning to the show:

5. Bruno Heller, the show's creator, worked on the BBC-HBO show "Rome" before making the Mentalist. He has said he had five years of "Rome" planned, but it was canceled after two seasons. "Rome" began with the death of Julius Caesar's daughter, Julia.

6. He has also said he had five years of the Mentalist planned. The Mentalist began with a teenage girl killed by her father. It also included flashbacks to five years before that, when Red John killed Patrick Jane's wife and child.

7. Julia died during childbirth, with her child dying also. Ten years passed between Julia's death and Julius Caesar's stabbing. If you add the five years from Patrick Jane's wife and child being killed, to the five years the show was originally planned for, that is ten years from his wife and child dying to the planned end of the show, which many assume will end with Patrick Jane killing Red John.

8. Patrick Jane has said he will, when he gets the chance, stab Red John with a knife and cut him open and watch him die. He does not like guns, which weren't invented yet in Roman times.

9. If Julius Caesar killed his own daughter, which there is evidence of, and his own son led his assassination ten years later, which there is also evidence of, the show is a perfect match with the timeline of the Caesar family killings.

10. One strange implication of this theory is that Patrick Jane was married to his own sister.

11. Episodes of The Mentalist, including the pilot, have dealt with incest between parents and children, and between siblings. In one, a half-brother and sister did not know they were related while having an affair; the man's mother murders the woman to stop the affair. In another, a man was fooled into thinking he had slept with his own daughter, she was killed, and then the man was killed. In the pilot, a father killed his daughter because she stopped having sex with him. There is historical evidence that Julius Caesar had an incestuous relationship with his daughter, a fact well-known to aristocracy, for whom bloodline is more important than common morals. Uncle-niece marriages were preferred in Rome, as they still were in the German principalities of the 1800's bearing Roman names.

12. Patrick Jane's father, as a traveling carnival man, could have easily had children outside of his relationship with Patrick's mother. On the episode involving his brother-in-law, there was a clear resemblance between Patrick, his wife's brother, and the actor who played Patrick's father in one episode. His brother-in-law, when upset, called him bro', and they argued like brothers. His wife's family were "carny royalty", drawing a parallel to Julia as a Caesar, and giving Alex Jane the opportunity and motivation to have impregnated the mother of Patrick Jane's wife. It would certainly be a dramatic climax to have Patrick facing down his father as the evil Red John, and then Red John, seeing he's beat, getting in one last ugly dig against the marriage as incestuous, and Patrick as a fool for not realizing...

13. In the season one finale, Patrick finds a girlfriend of Red John's. She is blind, but tells Patrick Jane many details about Red John, including his taste in music. He looks overwhelmed as he listens to her playing this music, such as a person feels listening to music they heard while being traumatized as a child, yet clearly seeing the beauty in it too.

14. A man who seems to be Red John is shown drinking tea from a teacup that he seems to have taken from the blind woman's house. This shows not only that he really was her boyfriend, but that he, like his son Patrick, regularly drinks tea.


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Author: Jamie
Feb 16, 2011
Quite creative, but most definitely overreaching and absurd.

Author: Shannon
Jun 23, 2012
I was thinking maybe Red John is Patrick. That's why he stays one step ahead.

Author: gb
Jul 05, 2012
Patrick Jane is way too brilliant to not have caught red john by now. He solves every single case and is able to talk everyone into doing crazy stuff, the same way red john talks his followers into doing crazy stuff.

Besides, in the season 4 finale when we hear red john's voice in the limo? his voice is clearly patrick jane holding his nose and speaking a little higher.

Author: Nimue
Sep 24, 2012
I like it
So far, this is my favorite theory. I'm on board that its his dirtbag dad. Or some sicko crazy genius.

Author: Jennifer
Oct 01, 2012
I Think it is his dad
love those theories about red john being jane's father...i also think his father also has it in for patrick for quitting the carnival all those years ago and costing him valuable money. It could possibly be that his father was "too" a mentalist and maybe hypnotized jane into forgetting that it was actually his father that killed his wife and kid or staged the whole murder scene and sent patrick crazy to get away with it.

Author: Josh
Jan 27, 2013
Evidence Against
It is very unlikely that Red John is Alex Jane because Jane would not have a "shake hands" kind of relationship with his father.

This is the same reasoning that Jane used to rule out Lisbon as a prime suspect. Red John is most likely someone who is not related to or friends with Jane. He is someone who Jane has met and knows.

Author: Tom
Jan 28, 2013
Additional evidence towards Jane's father
Your arguments are not very convincing. Though we are not likely to find that one crucial piece of evidence anywhere until the producers give it to us, there are some compelling points both on the show and off.

The deus ex machina principle has been mostly out of favor since ancient Greek theatre. Therefore, Red John must be someone we have already seen. Film makers just can't conjure up a killer out of nowhere at the end of the movie, they have to give him a double identity and try to keep suspicions away from him. Their success in doing so is directly proportional to the success of the story.

At the end of season three, Jane shoots a man he believed to be Red John. This incidentally also negates your point about the knives. Jane may be afraid of guns, but he obviously did not hesitate to shoot. However, this character was completely new to the show. It couldn't possibly have been Red John.

The producers also have to keep in mind the reactions of the show's viewers. If they reveal Red John to be say, Grace Van Pelt, everybody will be disappointed. Like a piece of pastry falling flat in the oven. There are those who watch the show with a slight interest, for entertainment value, and those who are intensely racking their brains to figure it out. Both groups must be satisfied in the end.

With those two points laid out, the list of viable suspects really is quite low. There are many in-show pieces of evidence that can be interpreted towards Jane's father as well. But I like him as a suspect more than anyone else, because he matches my two arguments to the detail.

Author: MentalistRJ
May 09, 2013
Who is Red John?
Ok. So this is what I think. This is gonna sound weird. You all know about the poem by William Blake. Well. The Tyger has a counterpart. "The Lamb".

ok. Now. The Lamb was written a few years before The Tyger. The whole idea of these two poems are: Could the same loving God that created the Lamb, have created a beast like the Tiger? Now. Put this in comparison with Patrick Jane. Could God have created a good and soft man like Patrick and then create a man like Red John. Could a man be so soft and gentle on the one side but be a cold blooded serial killer on the other?

Like the Tyger and the Lamb. Patrick Jane has a split personality. So he doesn't know that he is Red John. But. This is the catch. Patrick uses his skills as a mentalist even when he has the personality of Red John. He developed this Red John person over time. First. He was just the Lamb. Now. He is the Lamb, but sometimes the Tyger. And he can't control it...

I can be wrong...

Author: legend
Jun 18, 2015

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