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Press Release: Power To The Itaxiworkers

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The Itaxiworkers Association is the most important body representing the interest of Toronto Taxi drivers. Randy Collins is the new head of the organization. He is the replacement of the late Peter Leibovitch. Collins, is not a cab driver, but rather a member of the United Steelworkers, the parent arm of the Itaxiwokers Association.

I had an opportunity to meet with the new leader recently, and exchanged ideas. I was pleased to find he was knowledgeable about the Toronto taxi market. He mentioned his intentions to tweak the paralegal service the association provides to its members, but without elaboration. Perhaps, the most important outcome of our meeting was when we agreed, that the discriminatory nature of the Ambassador licence was the greatest threat to the Toronto taxi marketplace.

He reiterated the Itaxiworkers determination to find a wholesome solution to the Ambassador taxi licence policy. He assured me the pending Human Rights challenge, regarding the racist nature of the program was an important first step. He cautioned however, the association needed to be vigilant in pursuing other avenues until a justifiable remedy was found.

In show of support for the case against the City of Toronto, before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, concerning the Ambassador licences, the Itaxiworkers have formed a sub committee strictly to deal with this matter. This sub committee's mandate is to effect a favorable outcome at the hearing.

This group will organize at least four major meetings inviting all Ambassador operators, and some politicians. The ultimate goal will be to have all the Ambassador operators in this city in one place at the same time. It will also be responsible for an intense recruitment phase. The goal will be to register all the 13000 plus drivers in this city as Itaxiworkers members. It will also be responsible for organizing at least a couple of peaceful demonstrations to show the authorities their frustration. One will be in front of City Hall, and the other in front of the parliament building.

Furthermore, they will be responsible in communicating the ills of this hideous policy to the general public. This would require the involvement of the mainstream media to get the message across. Hence media events will have to be planned. Finally, they will have to raise money to fund all these activities including the legal bills. They will need to accomplish this daunting task in less than 120 days.

The Itaxiwokers Association is the most influential group for Toronto taxi drivers. They continue to lobby on behalf of its members on a variety of matters. They provide paralegal services to their members and are committed to leading the Toronto taxicab operators to harmonious work environment, and hope for financial security for their retirement. For more information about the Itaxiwokers, please go to or .


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