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Life without the Internet is coming

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Will it happen? Who will loose?

What is it the only reason there is a cry for increasing the costs of use for the Internet?

How would you feel being an inclined person wanting to increase the size of your purse? Without concern that it's the working class that has supported you. Do you think people won't give it up?

Have you considered that you may have less coming into your purse ?

Wonder if these mindless people have considered they do not build manipulate all products that come to reality? Wonder if they realise it's others that lift the finger that feeds? Wonder of they realise they do not provide the food, utilities and travel products they use?

All that being said, Have they got no love in their heart to realise the public got along just fine when there was NO INTERNET!

It may be time to tell them to keep their Internet and see how they like it?

Wonder how they would feel if people shut their Internet off for a week or so, just to let them realise who it is that feeds fools without discretion?

Would you (The providers etc) like to have the food on your table taken away?

That's exactly what you are trying to do to the working people.

Have you not considered that this world is already on fragile grounds of going into a tail spin. Then where would you be? What happened to the working people prior to the big depression of the 30'? They had no money to pay for anything. Guess that's what you fellows all want.

Be the biggest fool in life,

The Internet would be useless and your income would dwindle. Hey may be that what you want!


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