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Press Release: TV Exec. Blows Whistle on Cult Running CBS Network

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Canadian blogger leaks proof that "The Mentalist" creator, writer, and executive producer Bruno Heller wants the public to know the powerful "Brotherhood Cult" runs entertainment, media, and government.

The man behind "The Mentalist" is no longer hiding his involvement with a conspiracy so massive that ordinary people find it hard to believe, even when faced with clear evidence it truly does exist and indeed "runs the world".

In studying the show for the past year, I've noticed how rare it is that Bruno Heller takes credit for writing episodes of his hit CBS TV show, The Mentalist, even though as a past fiction writer myself I sensed the show was being held and planned within a single mind. While researching information about the next episode (to my regular readers, sorry, I was mistaken that the photos of Grace were from this episode, they're from the following one), I went onto the IMDB website and looked at the cast and crew info for episode 3.13, to be shown this Thursday, Feb. 3rd, on CBS at 10:00 pm.

The writing credit goes to Jordan Harper. Yet when you click on his name, another page indicates that the writing credit goes solely to Bruno Heller.

And that makes Jordan Harper a clue. Just like when they hire an actor with the name "Augustus". (The show is secretly about the family of Julius Caesar.)

The river Jordan? Very biblical. Harper? Well, I forget where I found it and which alias of Lucius Caesar it was (a bit unprofessional, I know), but something I read somewhere recently confirmed that Jesus played the harp. That is, Lucius Caesar played the harp, while pretending he was a Jewish prophet named Yesho (called Jesus in the Bible) and pushing for updates to the Jewish religion so they'd pay taxes to his father, Julius Caesar, before he headed to Britain as King Lud. I’m sure there are Christians who would do anything to get in on an Irish concert of Jesus playing the harp, even if he WAS a mass murderer who tricked us all for the sake of disguising the Atlantean descendants as saints, popes, and priests, to, yes, collect our taxes.

Also, one Jesus-like character is named "Nail", and another has "cross" in his name. A Cleopatra-like character is a further clue.

I now have to admit that the episode of the Mentalist two weeks ago, containing a character parodying me, was effective in tempering what I feel about the show. I found myself softening, relenting, even forgiving a bit.

But to claim the show was written by Jordan Harper and not even hide it that well?

This makes me mad, because it’s a tee-hee-hee “I’m related to Jesus and he was a Roman who helped invent Christianity to get all yer money, and now watch this show making us the heroes, na, na, na-na, na!” sing-song sort of taunt.

I’ll say it again. I was born intelligent and with my eyes wide open. I tried really hard to make sense of the world from a young age. I lived through horrendous experiences, suffered through an idiotic and damaging education, hurt my own body trying to live up to insane media images of attractiveness, and literally had nothing but hope keeping me going for years. But because I never assumed the whole modern world was a SCAM designed to honor and glorify Atlantis and Julius Caesar at every turn, I couldn’t figure out the truth.

Frankly, I’m glad I was an innocent until 35, and I’m glad I spent those years being consumed with a quest for the truth but failing completely to understand the one “unnatural” force at work in the world. Because NOW I know the Atlantean Brotherhood Cult didn’t make it fair. They lied and cheated and conned at every turn. And whatever justification they make for why they had to or want to participate in this, I think it is truly impossible for them to comprehend the level of pain and waste they have caused to accumulate in even a single life lived with innocent eyes, in a world poisoned with their illusions.

I agree that the Dark Con of Man is proof in itself that it was meant to be. But everything has a season. The time now is for waking up and facing the REAL truth. You were not born into this cult to work for this cult and stay in this cult. You were born into this cult because your soul wanted the ultimate test. With all the material rewards and fear of punishment on the side of keeping your mouth shut and not revealing the big lie, can you be brave enough to see that telling the truth is the ONLY way to win?

Can you find within yourself a wisdom so expansive that it stretches far beyond the lost billions of dollars or even a hundred years of torture, if the Brotherhood punished you with wide-awake chemical and surgical agonies for being the first one in history to succeed at this? Because that small beautiful quiet point of stillness hidden there inside of you, this is the only reality worth working for. It IS the reason you are here, to simply see IF, at this amazing point in history that has been constructed SOLELY for the opportunity it gives people to accomplish this single task, you can stand fearless in the cosmos and say:

“My name is Bruno Heller, and until today, I belonged to a secret cult that controls the world..."

The bliss you'd feel, money can't buy.

[Read more articles about global fraud and the Atlantean Brotherhood Cult on the website or write to Susan at to join the growing number of whistleblowers coming forward.]



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Author: Cg
Feb 03, 2011
Jordan harper
Jordan Harper is the brother of one of my best friends. He is very much real and a very talented writer.

Author: Chip Mezo
Feb 03, 2011
You've got to be kidding me Susan (if that is your real name). Jordan Harper is my girlfriends brother and I assure you he is a real writer and writes for the Mentalist. Find something else to write about.

Author: K
Feb 03, 2011
Jordan's a real dude. Sorry.
I've known Jordan a long time. He's real, and I'm pretty sure he's not part of any Brotherhood. When you click on his credit in that episode, it goes to a page with his other Mentalist credits. If it didn't before, it was just a site error. That's because IMDB is run by other flesh and blood individuals who sometimes make typos. But I admire your creativity!

You're totally right about Bruno Heller though. Guy has "Atlantean Brotherhood Cult" written all over him. Literally! It's hard to see, though, because you need those special sunglasses, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

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