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What’s Your Brand? Going Global

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Canadian International Educators brainstorm the importance of Global Branding

For Immediate Release:

What’s Your Brand? Going Global

Canadian International Educators brainstorm the importance of Global Branding

Vancouver, British Columbia (February 1, 2011) - The BC Council for International Education (BCCIE) and Ideographic Strategies Inc (ISI) recently facilitated a brand discovery think tank called, “What’s Your Brand? Branding and Collateral Development for International Educators”. The guest presenter was Garrett Chong, principal of ISI – a Vancouver-based brand-marketing agency specializing in International Education.

The workshop defined a “brand experience” and its importance to education, how an institute / district can identify its brand, and how one can use this new identified brand to create targeted strategies in key international markets. Many businesses today have to embrace the strategy of expanding internationally in order to take advantage of lucrative foreign markets. Businesses must have a viable action plan to ensure success in expanding its services and products across borders, oceans, and networks.

“In terms of feedback from the workshop, we certainly benefited from the expertise of your team and appreciated the chance to think more critically around issues of branding and brand identity, particularly as they translate across cultures…” says BCCIE Director of Research and Development, Trevor Corkum.

Established in 1986, Ideographic Strategies Inc is celebrating its 25 years of experience in brand marketing, interactive new media, and communications strategies on local, national and international scales. The mission of ISI is to deliver a maximum return on investment for its clients, stakeholders, and communities. By focusing on target market research, applying industry-leading knowledge, and implementing results-driven brand marketing strategies, they carry forward their core values of respect, creativity and innovation. ISI - Where Ideas Inform


Garrett Chong, Brand Marketing Director

ISI – Ideographic Strategies INC Where Ideas Inform

Telephone: 604 253 7755



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