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Press Release: Inventor of Specialised Compression Garment Joins Canadian Distributor at Ontario Trade Show.

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The CEO of Solaris, Inc, and developer of the premium therapeutic line of Solaris compression products, Kathy Weatherly, joined the Canadian distributor of the Solaris line at an Ontario conference and trade show on November 20, 2010, in Toronto, Ontario.

Lymphedema Depot Ltd. was joined at the Lymphedema 2010 Conference by Solaris, Inc. CEO and founder Kathy Weatherly and Solaris Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Gamble. Weatherly and Gamble were on hand to meet Lymphedema Depot’s clients, which include therapists, wound care specialists, enterostomal nurses, compression garment fitters and other medical professionals and patients and to answer their questions about the Solaris line of products.

Lymphedema Depot is the Canadian distributor for Solaris line of premium therapeutic medical garments, which are manufactured by Solaris in West, Allis, Wisconsin.

The response at the conference to the Solaris Tribute, Caresia, Swell Spots and ReadyWrap was overwhelmingly positive. The Solaris Tribute and Caresia are quilted directional-flow compression garments especially designed for use by lymphedema patients, but also used successfully by patients with vascular insufficiency, lipedema, traumatic edema, chronic wounds , and other conditions that respond well to gentle compression combined with the fibrosis-reducing qualities of the foam component of these garments. Swell Spots are localised fibrosis and edema pads made of the same materials and utilizing the same quilted, foam filled channels sewn into the fabric to address tissue saturation and fibrosis. The Solaris ReadyWrap is an inelastic medical binder used to provide compression and vascular and lymphatic support.

Lymphedema Depot also distributed high-quality colour posters of the primary and secondary lymphatic system at the conference. The posters were produced by Netter Images in conjunction with Solaris, Inc.

The conference, which was hosted by the Lymphedema Association of Ontario, was attended by lymphedema patients and their families, therapists, compression garment fitters, health professionals, researchers and many others.

Lymphedema Association of Ontario's Lymphedema 2010 Conference was that organisation’s 15th annual lymphedema conference. The event was held at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Conference Centre in Toronto on November 20th.

Lymphedema Depot is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing new options in lymphedema care products to Canada. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Solaris line of medical compression garments for the management of lymphatic and venous edemas.  To learn more, please visit our website at



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