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Press Release: Top Halifax Home Business Owner Chooses New Cadillac

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Dalene Allen, National Sales Director for Mary Kay and one of the top Halifax home business owners, chooses a new Cadillac.

Dalene Allen, national sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, is one of the most successful Halifax home business owners. In recognition of her achievements, she is preparing to choose a new Cadillac to drive, her fifteenth thus far.

The well-known car program has been a rewarding part of Dalene’s life as a national sales director with Mary Kay. Every two years she has the opportunity to choose a new Cadillac, and she has driven 14 so far. While all national sales directors can choose the color of their Cadillacs, Dalene enjoys driving the trademark pink car to further demonstrate her belief in Mary Kay.

When Dalene chooses to retire, she will be rewarded for her outstanding efforts with her choice of another new cadillac.  Dalene assures her client base that her retirement will not be for some time.  "I love what I do," she expresses, "so I plan to keep doing it for many years to come."

Dalene’s continued commitment to Mary Kay over the past years has led her to build a Halifax home business that sells more than 3.5 million dollars per year. She has also developed the highest percentage of directors who have earned the “circle of achievement” award by having over $300,000 in sales.

Dalene attributes her success with Mary Kay to her passion for helping women look their best, feel their best, and earn a great living in the process. “With Mary Kay,” she explains, “you can do all three!”

To find out more about Dalene Allen and her successful Halifax home business, visit:


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