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Press Release: Stretch Marks A Species-Wide Scar

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StretchMarksCare ( addresses the issue of stretch marks as a malady that effects much of the human race, with women predominantly afflicted, but also, in a little known statistic, significant numbers of men. StretchMarksCare offers a brief reminder of the facts behind the issue.

Texas—The issue of Stretch Marks is often swept under the carpet by women who understandably feel that it is a problem they do not want exposed to the general public. But the fact is that about 80% of women develop stretch marks to some degree during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks are purple-red marks or scars that appear where the skin has undergone severe strain or stretching. The skin around the abdomen which are under the greatest amount of stress during pregnancy are the places which typically develop the worst marks, but women can also develop stretch marks on the hips, breasts, backside and thighs.

Pregnancy is not the only cause of Stretch Marks, however. The unsightly scars can result from simple weight gain, during puberty or any activity which places undue strain upon areas of vulnerable skin. It is important to take care of the skin in the most vulnerable locations upon the body.

There are indications that it is possible to take preventative measures against stretch marks. Pregnant women can focus upon maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet and wear supportive maternity clothing which reduces the strain upon the abdominal skin.

The lack of public awareness regarding the widespread nature of severe stretch marks can be linked to psychological strain, with many women going to great lengths to conceal their stretch marks or feeling restricted in their choice of clothing when they go out.

StretchMarksCare believes that awareness of the problem is important and that every person has a right to know how they can best act to prevent the condition and also how the problem may be treated if and when it does arise.

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StretchMarksCare ( is a company dedicated to assisting women in the search for permanent removal of stretch marks.


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