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Press Release: No Soul at Suncor

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Call for Suncor Exec to Step Down

Retired Suncor employee and transplant recipient Bill Visscher today made a public call for the resignation of Sue Lee, senior vice-president at Suncor Energy.

Mismanagement and negligence on Lee’s part, whether by knowledge or incompetence, have cost Suncor’s major projects group millions of dollars in unnecessary start-up and turn-around costs and put hundreds of thousands of Alberta taxpayer dollars at risk, alleges Visscher, a 20 year Suncor employee and one of Alberta’s early liver transplant recipients.

Visscher played a front line role in the early days of the oilsands industry.   He recalls the zero-base budgets and near catastrophic equipment failures that jeopardized the industry almost before it began.  “It was action on the grimy front lines, not the manicured executive suites, that kept the company going in those early days,” he said.

Speaking out for the small shareholders of the company, many of whom are current and former Suncor employees, Visscher referred to Lee as one of the self-serving executives who have been ineffective in leading the company from its large share losses of two years ago. Suncor has lagged behind other major oil producers in share price recovery.

His long time employer mismanaged Visscher’s two attempts to return to work post-transplant leading to his early retirement, according to Visscher. “I’ve been a workaholic all my life and everyone up there would agree I lived and breathed for Suncor. My illness and subsequent transplant and recovery hit in the prime of my career and at a time of critical growth for the company. I couldn’t get well fast enough to get back to work,” he remembers.

But the corporate climate changed during his time away. The Bob and Doug tarsands-company-that-could became a slick international corporation PR-ed all the way to green. And losing its soul along the way.  “We used to respect the people we worked for.  I came back to a corporate office where I witnessed what in my opinion, was nothing short of bullying and misogyny.”

He tried twice, but after being put in high pressure positions of accountability with no authority, the stress proved too much and twenty years of hands-on, exceptionally reviewed work were forced out the door.  Coincidentally?  In came a new press of predatory suits, “Between twenty of them, they’d be lucky to recognize an oilsands refinery, never mind start one up or keep it running, but they always had a friend that could.”

This month, the tenth anniversary of his liver transplant, finds him eager to get his story – the human resource behind the natural resource – to a wider audience.

For more information contact:

Bill Visscher

Calgary, AB

Media contact:  403-719-4521 

Shakeholder contact:  250-572-0235




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Author: oilguy
Nov 27, 2010
I get the drift here! Let's hope Mr George can make a quick
change, This guy obviously still loves the company, makes sense

Author: bill visscher
Dec 02, 2010
no soul at suncor
10 yrs since my liver transplant. What a 10 yrs! Big thx to - my liver donor and their family, the UofA Transplant Grp, Drs Kneideman, Bingham, Shapiro, Mah, Bintley (you're my hero Tim), Dr. Janz, the everyday heroes at the Chase Medical Clinic and all the medical pros who have worked hard to keep me going. As a...lways, thx to my great neighbors in Chase, and once again, my family and friends. Merry Xmas to All

Bill Visscher

Author: Bill Visscher
Oct 06, 2011
Human Rights Complaint filed Aug 23/2011

Bill Visscher

Author: Bill Visscher
Dec 14, 2011
Suncor Leadership
Congrats to Mr Williams I will be one of the first to re-invest in Suncor. Mr Williams is certainly the employee's choice for leadership. Bring back our integrity Mr Williams, investors will follow.

Bill Visscher

Author: Neil
Feb 27, 2012
Very true Story
It's a collossal failure. Tragedy indeed. Have a wonderful retirement Bill. And enjoy the most important things in life - there's more to life than Suncor.

Author: Bill Visscher
Jun 07, 2018
Hearing positive tone about Suncor and Mr Williams leadership, future looks bright.

Author: Bill Visscher
Dec 16, 2018
Mr Williams exceeded all expectations!
From the budget sheet to moral, great job and
the best in retirement “ You earned it.
Thanks for your Leadership.

Author: Bill Visscher
Jul 15, 2020
Mr Little
So we waited! Mr Little showing some brilliance, I’m buying right now.

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