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Press Release: Law of Attraction Coach needs to Attract $

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A local Law of Attraction Coach is conducting a public experiment. Karen, a coach, teacher and business consultant finds herself in a very interesting predicament. With one month to go until Christmas Eve, Karen has had an unexpected financial setback and she now needs to create some cashflow to get her over the hump. Can she do it?

Rather than panic and move into fear and worry, Karen has decided to use this as a chance to create some new and exciting opportunities.  She decided to go public and announce to the Universe at large that she is open to receiving ideas, clients and opportunities for her to bring in the much-needed cash.

As a single mom of two, Karen knows first-hand how challenging it can be to turn a potentially disastrous situation into a positive one and that is what she is intending to do now.  

Karen says, "It's amazing what we can bring to ourselves, when we are in the energy of 'flow'.   We create our lives and attract everything in our life by what we focus on."  She is focusing on attracting opportunities, new coaching clients and some interesting ideas to round out the year with.

"With all the stress of the holiday season now upon us, I know that many people are feeling financial pressure and I want this event to inspire people to know that even when it appear that we're backed up against the wall, we still have choices."  By choosing to remain positive and upbeat, Karen knows that she is in a much better position to receive opportunities than if she were paralysed with fear, which is the way most people would feel in her situation.

Karen is a gifted healer and coach  with many skills and all kinds of experience and she would love to hear from people who may have an idea or opportunity for her.  She is excited to see what comes of this experiment.

Karen Waters, MBA

(604) 781-8614   (604) 781-8614 (text or call)

3900 Moresby Drive, Richmond BC  V7C 4G6



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Author: Eldon Montgomery
Nov 25, 2010
Identify A Clear and Specific Goal

You have definitely set yourself up for a challenge by Christmas eve. The best thing that I recomend you do is follow the basics with the L.O.A.

1. Get crystal clear and decide on an amount that you desire.

2. Set your intention.

3. Keep your focus and concentrate (no distractions)

4. Do your part and the universe will do its part. 100% effort must be given.

5. LET GO and ALLOW the unseen forces to do their work.

*Check Out Your Beleifs Concerning Money, If there is antyhing negative about the, IT WILL HOLD YOU BACK.*
Also, try not to concern yourself about the HOW just let it be.

I work with the L.O.A. everyday and this you should do.

Let me know how it turns out.

Author: Rob
Nov 26, 2010
Form a mastermend team
Well done Karen, you will definately succeed by putting your intentions out there and source will partner with you.

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