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Press Release | United States

Press Release: We are Riding the Wave of the Next American Revolution, Solutions From Science Believes

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United States

Solutions From Science, a small, innovative off-the-grid firm in Illinois, announces the addition of “Christian Liberty or Martial Law” to their library of patriotic study materials, a self-study kit that examines the religious foundation of the American republic.

Believing that Americans are waking up to the fact that something is terribly wrong with their country, Solutions From Science has put together a thought-provoking series containing material from such great Christian thinkers as R. J. Rushdoony, Dr. Roger Shultz, Herb Titus, Christopher Ortiz, Dr. Joe Morecraft III, Mark R. Rushdoony and Martin G. Selbrede.

This study kit is composed of six enlightening audio interviews on CD, as well as the 200-page book “Law and Liberty”. In addition, for a limited time, Solutions From Science will include the DVD from American Visions, “Liberty or Tyranny: Unwrapping History to Save the Future”.

From deliberate disregard for Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of Katrina, to food co-ops being forcibly shut down by police SWAT teams, Americans are seeing more and more examples of the flagrant abuse of power by civil authorities. They watch as those they elected to Congress and the White House defiantly disregard the will of the people and instead govern through unconstitutional means.

Taking seriously the biblical admonition that “my people perish from lack of knowledge,” Solutions From Science invites readers to visit the website to order this amazing series today. As with all their products, it’s backed by a no-risk refund policy. To learn more about other innovative offerings from Solutions From Science, visit their home website .


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