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Press Release: Melanie Orr Reveals the Key Ingredients for Home Selling in Halifax

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Melanie Orr of Interiors Working for You reveals her top five key ingredients for successful home selling in Halifax.

Melanie Orr, owner of Interiors Working for You, has been working with sellers in Halifax for over 20 years. Her expertise in both real estate and in home staging has led her to develop this list of five key ingredients for successful home selling in Halifax.

According to Orr, location is the first key component. “This is unquestionably a major factor of property value,” Orr explains, “and the pricing of a home must reflect its location. A home staging professional can guide you on how to ensure that the property conforms well to its neighborhood, and presents the best first impression for a drive-by or online introduction.”

The second element for successful home selling in Halifax is understanding the market conditions. Orr elaborates: “Interest rates, competition and the economy all make up and influence the market when you sell your home. Whether you are selling during a buyers market or a sellers market, and whether you are the only property for sale in your neighborhood or one of many, properly preparing your home will ensure that you achieve the top of your price range and a faster sale. Home staging will immediately give your property a marketing edge in any market.

The condition of the property is the third key ingredient. “General maintenance and repair of a property is crucial in order to obtain the highest value when selling,” Orr explains. “The pricing of your property must reflect its condition. A professional stager can guide you on what maintenance items and upgrading should be done on your home in order to maximize its value to buyers.”

The fourth key ingredient is the presentation of the property. According to Orr, “how a property is shown will affect the perceived value of that property. Professional home staging, whether the home is lived in or has been vacated, has been shown to result in faster sales and higher sale prices. The minimal cost of Staging will be more than outweighed by the increase in equity achieved."

The last of the five key ingredients for successful home selling in Halifax is pricing. Orr insists that this is the most important factor of all. “Setting the right asking price for your home is critical to achieving the best terms and price. Price is determined in part by all the other ingredients listed here, most of which are under your control to adjust up or down.”

Orr asserts that “when all of the ingredients of home selling in Halifax are in agreement, you will have a successful, speedy sale. If any one of these is out of line, the process will be slowed and the sale price will be compromised.”

To find out more about Melanie Orr and home selling in Halifax visit:


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