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Press Release: Brampton Comic Store Asks: Where are the Heroic Moustaches?

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BRAMPTON (ON) - It’s no secret that the comic book industry has always catered to a mostly male demographic. Take a look at the scantily clad women on any number of recent comic releases, and you’ll see proof of that staring you right in the face. Owners at a local comic store however, are unhappy with the lack of support the industry’s big publishers are giving to a distinctly male cause during the month of November.

“Comic publishers have vilified moustaches for years,” says Kevin Hickey, co-owner of Stadium Comics, which operates out of Shoppers World Mall. “We think that they should be paying more tribute to the ‘stache – especially this month.”

Hickey is referring to Movember, the growing initiative to raise funds and awareness worldwide for men’s health during the month of November. Instead of wearing ribbons, participants are encouraged to grow moustaches for the duration of the month. Funds raised here go directly to Prostate Cancer Canada.

“Take a look at who wears moustaches in comics today,” continued Hickey. “Characters like Sinestro, Hector Hammond, J. Jonah Jameson, General Ross, Ra’s Al Ghul – all unsavory characters, to say the least. Would it have killed the publishers to give Superman some handlebars in this month’s issue? How about making Peter Parker a little more manly this month with a Magnum P.I. – sized ‘stache? It would have been the socially conscious thing to do.”

There are some exceptions to the rule though, such as Iron Man’s Tony Stark. But as Hickey points out, he’s hardly a role model. “He’s basically an alcoholic womanizer, not the poster child of heroic moustaches.”

While comic publishers may have missed the boat on Movember, Stadium Comics will be doing their part for the cause. They’ve declared the last week of the month “Movember Week”.

“From November 24th-30th, we will be actively raising money to fight prostate cancer, and we’ll have some great reasons to come into our store as well”, said Hickey. “Any moustache wearing man, woman, or child will get an extra discount on their purchases that week. Plus we’ll be offering deals on books featuring our favourite moustachioed characters.”

The comic store, whose previous events include Free Comic Book Day, and Michael Cera Day, like to have fun with their events, and this seems like no exception.

“I’ll also be using a sharpie to draw a fake moustache on every character on every comic cover released that week”, joked Hickey. “Biker moustaches, Einstein moustaches, Salvador Dali moustaches – whatever you like! But I refuse to draw chin straps, because weird people wear them.”

For more information on Stadium Comics’ Movember Week, visit their facebook page at . Event information will be added there as it becomes available. You can also contact the store at 905-451-3751.


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