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Press Release: AdParlor, Inc Announces Cost Efficient Service For Game Developers To Advertise Applications

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The leading company in managing large Facebook advertisement campaigns, AdParlor, Inc, today announced a more cost efficient specialized service for application developers to advertise via the AdParlor platform. Clients will have access to AdParlor’s Optimization Engine and automatic bid adjustments, as well as unique ad targeting, which will ensure the most competitive prices for all customers, AdParlor's business development manager Ali Merali, announced today.

The company AdParlor, Inc is based in Toronto Canada, and specializes in growing Facebook applications, offering a full-service solution for companies to manage marketing through Facebook advertisements, in order to target specific groups. AdParlor’s service is based on an Optimization Engine which uses different variables such as, gender, age, location and ad copy, in order to ensure the highest volume of unique users available. AdParlor, Inc recently announced several new features ensuring smaller businesses cost effective ways of reaching customers.

“We do end up seeing that smaller and often less funded developers, find more difficulties in producing an ROI positive Facebook game. With this in mind, AdParlor has developed more features to steer user acquisition budgets more intelligently, ensuring the most qualified users are being sent”, Merali explained upon made announcement.

The Optimization Engine, with access to Facebook’s API will enable companies to target more users, creating optimal performance campaigns to cost efficient price solutions for small developers as well as bigger ones. “As an example, a well appealing game with 300,000 MAU’s and ads that can sustain 0.1% CTR and 50% Conversion rate, should be able to generate 5000 installs/day at a $0.50 CPI”, Merali announced.

The AdParlor pricing model is based on a true bidding system, where the client defines the CPI rate and AdParlor generates as much volume as possible at given rate presented by the customer. Automatic bid adjustments will ensure the highest volume of users at the most competitive prices on the platform. Main factors such as Target Market; where the CPI of a US Male between 25-29 will be five times more expensive, than a 25-29 year old male from Malaysia; or Application Appeal; where the CPI of a casual game is much lower than that of a MMO game, have a heavy influence on pricing.

“Application developers on the Facebook platform, who have a user acquisition strategy in place, will know that purchasing ads to promote their application can only be done on a CPC or CPM model. With privileged access to the Facebook Ads API, AdParlor’s Optimization Engine eliminates the ‘guess work’ with CPC ad buying, to provide a performance based CPI/CPA purchasing model. This means that you will only be charged for new and unique users that are brought to your game”, Merali announced.

AdParlor, Inc is the leading company in managing large Facebook advertisement campaigns. The company offers a full-service solution and manages advertising on Facebook Ads for the majority of the large spenders on the platform. The company offers its services to all types of advertisers, but specializes in growing Facebook applications.

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