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Press Release: Canadian Silver Manufacturer seeks Celebrity Endorsements

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Kibela presents new sensational designs-Silver Hits new Highs-Two Stars

Kibela Inc. a high end manufacturer of Gemstone Jewellery is seeking a high profile Celebrity to personify their products worldwide. Kibela has been producing the very highest quality gemstone jewellery available in the market today for over 20 years. Handmade, unique and one of a kind is the hallmark for the very best quality silver jewellery available anywhere in the world.

With over 300 product retailers in Australia, Europe, Asia, the UK and North America Kibela Inc. is the best kept secret in the jewellery industry. Kibela is currently seeking a celebrity spokesperson for their products which include rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, neck pieces and more with Gemstones from the most exotic parts of the globe. "The market is tired of poor quality mass produced products from Asia" says Donna Fradley chief designer for Kibela, "they want style, quality and originality and that's what we produce". The search for Kibela's new spokesperson is taking a new twist as the spring market line is nearing completion. It appears that perhaps the new star celebrity for Kibela may just have 4 great legs rather than 2.

We will have to wait until the official launch of the Spring line in April 2011 but Kibela Inc. may just have a few new marketing trends that break the old school traditions.

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Author: kibela
Nov 09, 2010
Where Can I purchase this product?
Where can I purchase the products of Kibela Inc.?

I have seen several pieces of this stunning jewellery but have a difficult time finding high end dealers who carry the Kibela line.

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