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Press Release: Lymphedea Depot; Swell Spots and Scar Management

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How can patients deal with post-surgical scarring that is accompanied by swelling?

Scar management can be a real problem for breast cancer survivors. Once a scar has lost its redness, it may have some stubborn swelling at its borders. While there are manual techniques to help soften scars, there is also help from Lymphedema Depot, the Canadian distributor of Solaris products.

Swell Spots are edema and fibrosis pads manufactured by Solaris.

Swell Spots by Solaris work using the same principle as the Solaris Tribute quilted directional flow nighttime garments. The foam chips sewn into the quilted channels nestle into the tissue to create localized tissue stretch and surface pressure differential. This stimulates interstitial fluid movement, moveing fluid and proteins away from the saturated area. This results in the softening of hardened tissue and a decrease in swelling. It also interrupts the cycle of further tissue hardening and more scar tissue creation. The affected area should become soft and pliable over time, with minimal excess fluid or thickening.

There are twenty different designs of varying shapes and sizes of Swell Spots for applications wherever they are needed. You can see them at our website at: They are used by lymphedema patients and others with swelling or scar-softening needs. Held in place by sports bras, Lycra clothing or any other method of applying gentle compression,  Swell Spots do a great job of softening scar tissue and mobilizing lymphatic fluid.

Learn more about scar management and Swell Spots by reading our latest blog entry at

 Please contact us to learn more about Swell Spots, Tributes, Caresia bandage liners and ReadyWrap medical binders. For more information email us at

Lymphedema Depot is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing new options in lymphedema care products to Canada. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Solaris line of medical compression garments for the management of lymphatic and venous edemas. To learn more about us and the Solaris line of directional flow garments, visit


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