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Press Release: Giller Prize Named In Fraud Case

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The Giller Prize, an important Canadian literary award, has been named in a lawsuit charging those responsible with awarding it based on a bizarre system of secret cult symbolism.

While the allegations may sound ridiculous to the average Canadian reader, the lawsuit is backed by an 18-month investigation into the prominence of pagan cult practices among the literati and other language-based professions.

As publishing companies struggle to promote their books in an internet age, they now face an even bleaker reality. Unlike websites and other internet documents that can be erased with the pull of a plug, the billions of books already in existence in Canada will not be so easy to remove from view.

Unless the government launches a seizure of reading material from private residences, as has begun to happen in numerous countries worldwide, ordinary citizens are only a few clicks away from being able to decipher the symbolic codes for themselves by accessing new websites offering information on how to do so. And the use of symbols based on subject matter ranging from the mythical island of Atlantis, reportedly an important sea port prior to 10,000 BC, to the genetic markers of Mesopotamia and the pagan rituals of the family of Julius Caesar, goes far beyond the Giller Prize, into scientific theory and the awarding of the Nobel Prizes as well, and all mass forms of entertainment such as films, children's programs, and video games.

Institutions like the Giller have been targeted because they offer the clearest evidence of public fraud, as countless interviews exist on record in which no person connected with the prize, and no author awarded one, have ever referred to what the clearly cult-based criteria they are aware of as accounting for the prevalence of such themes as incest, disguised identities, family groups forced to migrate, and war.

Written by Susan Maureen Brandt


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