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Wire Service Media wants to thank all of our users and partners over our long run started back in 2007, but it's time for the owner to move on.

The sale includes the website, domain name, user base and related social media channels were applicable. Please express your interest to -

Thank you for your understanding and patronage.



Beginning of a web search with lovely & lively homepages of your choice

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Search the web in Style, have your favorite logo and theme at the background of your web-page & make your searches more fun & exciting. is about providing internet users with custom homepage themes. It is similar as setting a "Desktop Background" with providing its users with thousands of personalized themes which can be applied as "Internet Homepage Background".

It also allows its users to upload & use their most memorable pictures, sketches, canvas, cartoons or characters & have all there personalized themes saved at a auto-created user account. Also a user can set their name or any favorite quote as name logo.

Top categories includes True blood, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, Robert Pattinson, Eric Northman, Taylor Lauther, Twilight, Dexter, Sponge Bob, Pranks, Funny, & Kids.Just two easy steps to upload your own themes. Just click on with this click you will be able to give a precious Halloween gift to your friends and family. Here, you will find a option for sharing the theme of your choice to gift your loved ones. Not only the celebrities, here we came with unusual facts and interesting information too. has a very simple and quick process for enjoying the number of themes uploaded for the users. You will be able to search and browse various links also from the same page like., youtube, facebook, google etc.

users of, Maria Kerry quips, I wanted the theme of True blood for my crazy sister Zara, I found number of themes on sleeksearch and gifted to her, she really loved it.

SleekSearch enables to search the wonderful internet with Style.
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# # # is formed with a mission of providing web users the applications they are looking for. Developing & publishing web applications to make life more easier & cheerful with cutting down hefty unwanted process. sleeksearch is growing very swiftly and excitingly as it is providing interesting information for their users and has plenty of themes of your choice. Just a click away.


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