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Press Release: Lymphedema Depot Develops Funding Sources for Solaris Tribute in Canada

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Lymphedema Depot has been working hard over the past year to assist patients suffering from lymphedema, lipedema, traumatic edema and other edema conditions to find reimbursement for much-needed specialty garments such as the Solaris Tribute, ReadyWrap and Caresia.

Lymphedema Depot has been finding success with third party reimbursement for the Solaris Tribute, ReadyWrap and Caresia therapeutic garments they distribute.  Patients who have health insurance through their workplace or other private coverage have been finding that third party payers are receptive to their claims for these garments, which offer innovative compression options that are effective and comfortable for the management of lymphedema and venous edemas, and other swelling conditions, whether acute or chronic. 

In some cases patients have been able to have the Tribute lymphedema garment paid for through appropriate social service agencies.

“We can supply patients and their therapists and garment fitters with documentation that provides information about the Solaris products and how they work,” says John Mulligan, co-founder and Clinical Specialist with Lymphedema Depot. “This makes it easier for doctors to prescribe the Tribute, ReadyWrap and Caresia garments and it makes it easier for third party payers to process claims, too. We feel that the Solaris garments are earning a reputation as important and effective tools in the fight against lymphedema.”

“I really believe that the Solaris products can be life-changing garments for people with lymphedema,” says Mulligan. “As a therapist I have seen patients who were able to reclaim their life by getting control of their lymphedema using the Solaris Tribute, Caresia, or ReadyWrap.”

Mulligan says that patients "should be aware that coverage is not universal and depends on their own insurance plan coverage. However, it is often worthwhile to submit a claim; this is how the products get more well-known to third party payers."

To see a list of third party payers that have recognized the Solaris Tribute, ReadyWrap and Caresia garments, see the funding page at the Lymphedema Depot website:

To contact Lymphedema Depot email

To view our blog visit

Lymphedema Depot is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing new options in lymphedema and edema care products to Canada. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Solaris line of medical compression garments for the management of lymphatic and venous edemas. For more information please visit our website at



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