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Press Release: Proprietary new technology significantly increases energy efficiency of Flash Dr

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Canadian Co. Flash Drive Direct designs new flash drive technology that lowers power consumption by over 50% hopes to see business's around the world adopt the technology in an effort to save millions of kilowatts.

A significant breakthrough in Flash Drive technology has set flash drive design and manufacturing house Flash Drive Direct on a course for greater energy efficiency's in their line of drives.

"This breakthrough in Flash Drive technology is noteworthy as it truly sets the concept of Flash Drive use as that of being a highly eco-friendly business tool states John Graham, CSO of BC based Flash Drive Direct.

The tests conducted by independent laboratory's in both Asia and North America have determined that this new technological advance opens up possibilities for saving millions of kilowatts per year. The tests were set to compare existing flash drive technology to Flash Drive Direct's new technology and it was found that the energy usage dropped 47% for the transfer of the same amount of data over the same period of time for the Flash Drive Direct over OEM drives.

The business model ascribed to the majority of usage for Flash Drives is the transfer of data from one computer to another. Until recently the only other significant way to transfer data (outside of a network) was to burn a CD. The energy required to burn a 1-time use CD is estimated to be nearly 100 times that of the energy used for data transfer to a Flash Drive.

With over 1 billion 1 time use CD's sold each year in the US alone the comparative energy savings between the Flash Drive and the CD (given the flash drives unlimited reusages) could see savings of millions of kilowatt-hours per year and a significantly smaller environmental footprint brought about. 

Graham goes on to say "Company's are wanting more green in their corporate culture. In both their promotional products and office uses they are demanding more eco friendly products. I believe that when they see the environmental impact reduction the new technology that Flash Drive Direct offers it will compel business to seek out this technological advance."



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