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Media Release: Capturing Memories: The Evolution of Photography (in 3D)

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We have all seen futuristic movies like Star Wars where Princess Leia is projected as a 3 Dimensional Hologram, or Total Recall(1990) where Arnold uses his wrist hologram projector to project an image of himself and fool the bad guys; as far-fetched as these concepts sound, we are not far from these ideas being a reality. Media Release (06/07/2018) - Though we are still waiting on your phone or wrist watch to project the image in mid air, you can still use your phone to view yourself in 3D and by using company's like Time Capsule 3D you can take a picture of yourself in a 3D format to view and share.

The company uses a state-of-the art custom DSLR camera photogrammetry booth that takes pictures from a 360 degrees at the same moment and process these images to generate a photorealistic 3D Model. Of Time Capsule 3D's recent opening in Markham, Founder Jai Patel said " Our focus is capturing people and their exciting moments and using these images to create a virtual reality photo album." If this is too much for you to absorb they also print the 3D image using a latest and greatest in 3D printing technology. Simple, right? Take portraits and get scaled down realistic 3D statuettes and sculptures to put on display next to your old fashioned photos. Now that we can all get this concept, grab your lifelike sculpture, put it on your Desktop at work or Coffee Table or Shelf or give it to mom to put over her fireplace, choice is yours !

Going Back to the Technology Aspect, with this highly accurate-time photography rig, a moment is captured from every angle. This cutting-edge technology is the perfect way to create and sculpt variations of the human form. "Our services cater to both industry and individual consumers. Toronto is fast becoming a video game hub and Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality services are in great demand." As explained by the Founder. "We at Time Capsule 3D feel that memories should be held close to the heart! One would think 3D is the best for Maternity photoshoots or Figurines for wedding cake toppers, the possibilities are vast but the Moment in 3D is very unique and very Original."

About TIMECAPSULE3D INC.: TimeCapsule3D Inc. Is a 3D Photography Company based in Markham Ont. Founded in 2015.

Time Capsule 3D
80F Centurian Dr. Suite 10,
Markham, ON L3R-8C1
t: 905-604-7855


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