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Down syndrome communities all over the Golden Horseshoe are coming together to get inked! #Theluckyfew movement has gone viral, groups of people all over the world who have been blessed with having Down syndrome in their lives have come together and branded their body with a symbol to commemorate their unique bond and strength.

Uniting Down syndrome across the Golden Horseshoe Media Release (04/14/2018) Brampton, ON

Who we are:

Project 321 Peel Down Syndrome Association is a charitable organization in Peel Region, dedicated to spreading awareness, advocacy and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome. We are a community offering support and information for anyone enhanced by or seeking to learn about Down syndrome, from the moment of a pre-natal diagnosis through adulthood.

We are a strong network of families that believe in our children, we insist on their rights and promote inclusion and acceptance.

Our event:

The Lucky Few movement started off with 3 moms who met online and bonded over having children with Down syndrome. When they met up in person, they decided to get a symbolic tattoo- 3 arrows in a chevron pattern, pointing upwards- to showcase their common bond.

The 3 arrows symbolize the triplication of the 21st chromosome in Down syndrome, and the arrows symbolize rising up and moving forward. Like an arrow, we rise the highest after we've been pulled back and stretched.

The tattoo also celebrates the unique bond that parents of children with Down syndrome share.

Our Lucky Few tattoo event is taking place on April 29th in Hamilton, ON at John Street Tattoo, we're getting inking just in time for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society's annual conference which happens to also be held in Hamilton, ON this year on May 18-20th!

Proceeds from this event are going to the Project 321 Peel Down Syndrome association, who created this event to raise funds for an art program for their VIP's (members with Down syndrome).


Sunday, April 29, 2018
;@ 1:00 pm EDT


John Street Tattoo
179 John St. S.
Hamilton, ON
L8N 2C5

For more information, please contact Paula at: or at 647-284-2137

Project 321 Peel Down Syndrome Association
Facebook: @P321PeelGroup
Twitter: @Project321Peel


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