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Media Release: Canadian and U.S. companies team up to drive commercialization of ground-breaking clean-tech technology for industrial applications

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Canadian and U.S. clean-tech companies today announced an agreement to commercialize a new technology for carbon capture, natural gas processing, gas purification, indoor air quality and other applications. Media Release (03/14/2018) VANCOUVER, BC – Industrial Climate Solutions Inc. (ICSI), based in Calgary, Alberta and Westech Environmental Solutions, LLC (WES), headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii, announced the license agreement at ICSI’s exhibitor’s booth at the international GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo 2018, taking place in Vancouver.

The license grants ICSI exclusive rights to scale up and commercialize WES’s suite of innovative gas/liquid and three-phase contactor/reactor technologies – known as the Regenerative Froth Contactor (RFC) technology. The license covers CO2 and other gas absorption, particulate removal, desulfurization, scrubbing, sparging (removing dissolved gases/volatile compounds in a liquid), chemical reactor, and all other applications.

The RFC technology delivers a five-fold improvement in mass-transfer performance and process productivity compared with conventional absorption columns, with a corresponding reduction in column size and installation ‘footprint.’ In addition, the RFC absorber tolerates very high levels of entrained or precipitated solids without fouling, a factor that has been downfall of a number of novel capture processes when using conventional absorption columns.

“The RFC technology developed at WES opens the door to significant size reductions and cost savings for post-combustion CO2 capture applications,” says Richard Adamson, Chief Executive Officer of ICSI.

“This is a key enabling step in advancing carbon capture, utilization and storage from demonstration projects to integrated regional industrial emissions management systems. And this is only one of several applications in multiple markets for this ground-breaking technology,” Adamson says.

“The opportunity to work with ICSI will take the terrific work done by the WES R&D team and bridge it into global industrial markets,” says Alec McBarnet, Chair of Westech Environmental Solutions.

“The team in Calgary has the right technical experience, coupled with market and business track records, to take the very promising froth contactor technology to a family of breakthrough industrial process products,” McBarnet says. “The alignment between our two companies around delivering a more sustainable industrial economy fit for the 21st century and beyond could not be better.”

The intellectual property portfolio covered under the license includes a dozen patents and continuations-in-part registered in the U.S., Canada, the E.U. and Australia. This portfolio is the result of more than a decade of work by WES and its predecessors, involving investment of at least US$4 million.

The core RFC technology also has proven effective as a chemical-biological filter for indoor air quality applications. It is capable of filtering sub-micron scale particulates and gases at up to 99.999% level under extreme conditions.

A major investor in Westech Environmental Solutions is Verditek PLC, which is publicly traded (as LSE/AIM: VDTK) on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market.

“We are excited that ICSI, based in Calgary, Canada where carbon capture technology is thriving, is partnering with WES to take this disruptive technology to market,” says Geoff Nesbitt, Chair and CEO of Verditek. “The partnership will help WES accelerate its market penetration and help customers realize the extensive benefits of this cutting-edge clean-tech solution.“

“At Verditek, we are passionate about taking pioneering science from the lab into real-world commercial engineered solutions, which is being achieved through this partnership,” Nesbitt says. “We see a bright future with the ICSI driving the adoption of WES’ next-generation gas contactor technology.”


Richard Adamson, Chief Executive Officer
Industrial Climate Solutions Inc.
P: 1-403-988-5333

Reporters covering GLOBE, see INVITATION TO MEDIA next page . . .

Industrial Climate Solutions Inc. is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation incorporated in the province of Alberta. Its purpose is to develop, scale up and commercialize transformative technologies with potential to manage risk exposure and substantially strengthen industrial performance in a carbon emissions-constrained world.

Westech Environmental Solutions (WES) is an LLC headquartered in Kahului, Hawaii. Westech International Ltd., a Chicago-based management and marketing company, partnered with Peletex, a Hawaii-based R&D company, to form WES in 2009. WES was founded with a very clear vision: to develop new technology for the benefit of our planet.

AIM-listed Verditek PLC is a holding company with three businesses operating within the clean technology sector. For more information please visit or contact:


Reporters covering GLOBE Forum 2018 are invited to stop by and interview Richard Adamson at ICSI’s exhibition booth at the Innovation Expo. The ICSI booth (Booth #1518A) is located in the International Knowledge Centre’s CCUS Cluster, a showcase of over 20 exhibitors representing industry experts from across the CCUS ecosystem.


Media are also invited to Adamson’s 15-minute presentation, “The RFC Revolution: Size Matters (in absorber columns),” starting at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, March 14, in the CCUS Cluster Theatre.


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