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United States | Media Release

Media Release: Young Democratic Socialists of America Conference Builds Excitement for the Socialist Movement On and Off Campus

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United States

This weekend over 350 young socialists from over 80 colleges and universities flocked to Washington, D.C. to plan, train, and prepare for a future beyond the Trump presidency.

Students discuss healthcare reform Media Release (02/20/2018) Washington, DC - At the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA)’s annual conference, “Building Socialist Power Beyond Campus”, students from across the country came together to learn organizing tactics and discuss how to build a socialist movement across the country.

Since the election of Donald Trump, students across the country have said, “enough is enough” and have decided to come together to organize and to build a future for this country in which everyone has the right to a decent job, a good home, a free college education for their children, and healthcare for their family.

“It was clear this weekend that students are sick and tired of the status quo,” said DSA National Director Maria Svart. “Students aren’t falling for the divide and conquer tactics of the ruling class, nor calls to moderate their demands for an economy and society that works for us all.”

The conference featured a wide variety of speakers from across the U.S., as well as a panel of international activists from Occupied Palestine, Argentina, Brazil, and China. Students attended workshops and Q&A sessions on a wide variety of subjects, including ecosocialism, anti-capitalist direct action and organization building, among others, which they will be able to bring back to their organizations to help them continue their work to build a socialist movement on and off campus.

“This weekend laid a foundation and gave students the tools they need to return to their campus and organize for a brighter, better socialist future,” said Michelle Fisher, YDSA National Co-Chair. “We’re excited to bring the energy from this conference to our campuses and communities to continue the work of building socialist power.”

This weekend’s gathering confirmed that the socialist movement is growing at a rapid pace across campuses. YDSA is now the largest youth movement for the American left since Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s and steadily getting bigger. “As a united group of students from diverse backgrounds, YDSA’s continuing work is crucial in the movement to take power away from the ruling class and put it back in the hands of the working class,” says Fischer.


In Solidarity,
Lawrence Dreyfuss
Program Associate
Democratic Socialists of America


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