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Media Release: The Spirit of Christmas in Action All Year

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British Columbia

Al-Khalifah Holdings International- Philanthropy and New Artesian Aquifer Media Release (12/01/2017) Vancouver, BC - A most unusual young man has been helping feed the homeless and destitute in Nanaimo for over 3.5 years. "We've been overwhelmed with love and support for Downtown Hope by Al-Khalifah Holdings International and it's director Mohammed Al-Khalifah" says Mary Edwardson, a director of Downtown Hope in Nanaimo. "This amazing young man prefers to be anonymous, however we cannot resist embracing him at this marvelous time of year. He's been a major contributor to Downtown Hope and has touched the lives of so many of our street people that we wanted to honoring him", says Edwardson.

Mohammed is a university student, entrepreneur, philanthropist and is now starting a new business here in British Columbia. Al-Khalifah Holdings has acquired a government registered aquifer of artesian water in the interior of BC. The facility is licensed for mineralized water bottling and distribution in both the domestic and international markets. The high PH level of the water makes it one of the most pristine waters in Canada.

Distribution is scheduled to commence in mid March 2018 and will start shipping one container (over 25,000 liters) a day, which will produce $12-15 million a year in revenue. Initially, this will create over 12 jobs locally in BC and will grow as production expands to 6 containers a day and up to over $70 million of revenue a year. Mr. Al-Khalifah loves Canada and is proud to have his company based in beautiful British Columbia.

Al-Khalifah Holdings International
#720-999 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K5
Phone: 1-888-331-0919


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