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Media Release | Nova Scotia

Media Release: The Atlantica Party releases the Atlantica Nova Scotia Budget 2017

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Nova Scotia

The Atlantica Party addresses the two fiscal problems destabilizing Nova Scotia finances in the Atlantica Nova Scotia Budget 2017. Highlights: Media Release (05/13/2017) Halifax, NS

1. Reduce spending and return the savings to Nova Scotians

· Reduce the number of public servants to the National Average

· Eliminate all corporate welfare

· Return Municipal Affairs spending to the 2016 level

· Reduce Refundable Tax Credits

Total savings returned to Nova Scotians about $1.6 Billion

The savings are returned by

· Eliminating the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission and its 'taxation'

· Eliminating tax for Nova Scotia businesses

· Lowering income taxes to the lowest in Canada on median income - returning about $1200 to each taxpayer.

The result is a small surplus budget

2. A debt reduction plan

· Grow spending only when the population grows

· Do not allow deficit spending

· Revenues will grow as the economy grows and the resulting surpluses go to paying down the debt

After 15 years debt and debt interest will be eliminated for Nova Scotia.

Atlantica Party Democracy Revolution Plan cost, next to nothing.

Nova Scotia's newest and fastest growing party is very excited to confront the Status-Quo in the 40th provincial general election. Our candidates will provide Nova Scotian voters with a real choice; fiscal common sense and democratic progress under the Atlantica Party versus the unsustainable Status-Quo under the Liberals, NDP and PCs.

To see additional details, visit

The Atlantica Party is Nova Scotia's newest registered political party. The Atlantica Party is Nova Scotia's only political alternative committed to fixing Nova Scotia's democracy and making Nova Scotia a have province.

The Atlantica Party's Democracy Revolution is a comprehensive plan to fix Nova Scotia's democracy and empower the voter.

For further information about The Atlantica Party:


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