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Media Release: Basic Income Documentary Project Launched via New Breed of Low-Cost Crowdfunding Platform

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Canada, a low-cost and no-service-fee crowdfunding platform by Creators Node - Independent Creators Network Inc, launches "The Mincome Experiment". The project is a feature-length documentary about the 1970s Canadian basic income experiment held in Dauphin. Media Release (05/01/2017) - Vincent Santiago, an independent artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, established "Creators Node" and Kreytor on July 1, 2012, to create a new platform for showcasing, curating, and crowdfunding creative works. While working on the website, Santiago started interviewing experts and gathering facts for the documentary project. is moving from its public beta phase to release version 1 and is concurrently launching a crowdfunding campaign to complete "The Mincome Experiment" documentary project.

The project was started on July 1, 2012, Canada Day, and "The Mincome Experiment" campaign starts today - May 1, 2017, International Workers' Day and Basic Income Day. "Canada's heritage is older than 150 years, but this is a banner year for celebrating 'Canada 150,' and we thought this would be a good year for our two projects to come to full fruition," added Santiago.

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Vincent Santiago


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