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Press Release: Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd. Turns 10; Its First Clients Start Receiving 14% Fee Discount

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Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd. Turns 10; Its First Clients Start Receiving 14% Fee Discount. Press Release (05/01/2017) VANCOUVER, BC - Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd. marked its 10th anniversary in the first quarter of the year and will start rewarding its first clients with lower fees.

As part of the firm's Fee Reduction Program, clients who have held an account with Steadyhand for 10 years are now receiving a permanent 14% reduction in their fees. The program is meant to reward investors who have entrusted significant assets with the firm (additional fee reductions are applied on all accounts over $100,000) as well as long-standing investors.

When an investor in a Steadyhand fund(s) reaches their 5-year mark as a client, their fees are reduced by 7%; when they reach their 10-year mark, their fees are reduced by 14%. Fee reductions are made in the form of special distributions of additional fund units at month-end, and are based on a client's consolidated household assets in accounts held directly with Steadyhand. Further details about the program are available on the firm's website,

The program, which rewards clients for their loyalty, is unique in Canada. "Clients who have been with us for a number of years typically cost us less to service. We think it just makes sense to pass those savings along to the client. Plus, we want to reward them for their longer-term investing mindset," said Steadyhand President Tom Bradley.

About Steadyhand

Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd. is a low-fee investment fund company that offers a straightforward line-up of funds directly to investors. Steadyhand's funds are concentrated and non-benchmark oriented with low portfolio turnover. The firm offers clear-cut advice and simple tools to assist investors with their asset mix and portfolio strategy. It has approximately $660 million in assets under management with offices in Vancouver and Toronto.


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