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Press Release | Canada

Press Release: Oculus Business Solutions launches customer perception management program

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Vancouver based Oculus Business Solutions merge customer service, training, marketing and human resources to form streamlined and cost effective business consulting services.

Vancouver, BC- November 25th, 2009- Oculus Business Solutions launches new business/customer service perception management programs within Australia, Canada, United States and South America. The progressive business evolution concept will provide support and innovation within the areas of customer service, training, marketing and human resources. By combining all four essential operation areas of people and customer interaction, Oculus will provide targeted revenue generating initiatives for small to medium sized businesses.

Kevin James Saunders, Oculus Managing Director- Americas & Australasia has been testing and evaluating the program in the British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Washington markets over the past 6 months and has seen success, positive consumer feedback and continued interest. "Small to medium sized businesses, especially within the tourism and hospitality sectors have struggled during the economic downturn, but have still relied on their past experience and marketing plans to move them forward when the markets have changed,"says Saunders. "Most hotels & businesses have been using multiple consulting companies or issue specific training companies, which provide limited advice and service, but with a big price tag."

Consulting and self employment has grown within the North American marketplace in the past few years. Consultants have traditionally consulted within a specific area of expertise from yearly marketing plans, mystery shopping to hotel reservations training.

Oculus says it maintains an internal commitment to an environmentally clean and customer cost effective solution within the business consulting and hotel/hospitality marketplace. By providing a convenient one-stop shop for hotels and businesses to develop in their customer service, training, marketing and human resources areas, the company can guarantee successful results. Saunders says "Facilitating change and synergy within all departments, we can create an atmosphere of positive customer perception management. Working with all team members our business evolution plans will strategically create how a customer will consistently perceive our businesses". Oculus has rolled out new branding and collateral to incorporate perception management into its daily operations and the program is currently available to the industry.

About Oculus

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Oculus Business Solutions is a functional fusion of advertising sales, human resources, mystery shopping and training/consulting worlds, creating customized designer solutions that are results driven. Merging business operational fundamentals with creative and strategic execution, Oculus is able to provide up-to-date and a modernized approach to today's business operations. Working closely with clients within the hospitality, retail & tourism industries, Oculus strives to provide business assessments and solutions to increase bottom line revenues through customer service training, mystery shopping, quality assessment, sales, marketing, revenue and people management. The company is led by Kevin James Saunders - Managing Director- Americas & Australasia of Oculus Business Solutions. He has worked with such companies as Signature Worldwide, Signature Canada, Pan Pacific Hotels, Delta Hotels, ADT Security, Diaz Perez & Associates, SISA Korea, Hydro Quebec, Revenue Canada, & PT Marketing Management throughout North America, South America and Asia.

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