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Press Release: Wood Wyant launch KISS Pandemic Communication Tools

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The Influenza A(H1N1) Spreads Easily…..Important Information on How to Prevent The spread of the flu in your workplace

Wood Wyant is pleased to announce the launch of its Keep It Safe and Sanitized Program (KISS). The KISS program consists of a series of communication tools, ready for download, to help you communicate the importance of practicing good hygiene habits in the workplace. As important members of the community, your well being is important to us. Preparedness is the best method to defend against the possible impacts health threats can have on your continuing operation. As the country faces flu outbreaks, both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu, the Keep It Safe and Sanitized Program tools can help keep you and your employees safe and open for business.

Awareness Posters – Reinforce the importance of practicing good hygiene habits in the workplace. Posters should be placed near key frequently touched contact points such as in the kitchen, near photocopier, in hallways, near the entrance.

Employee Pamphlets –Sensitize employees regarding their role in keeping the workplace a healthy, safe environment. Three different pamphlets are available based on job function 1) Office workplace for employees working at desk in an office environment 2) face to face contact – for all employees who meet customers “face to face” such as sales representatives, technicians and drivers 3) warehouse and production – for employees who work in these environments with special emphasis on when how to keep hands healthy when using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)

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Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing signs - placed in washrooms, kitchens and at all entrances to promote the proper hand washing and sanitizing techniques.

Pandemic Checklist – to help you implement a Pandemic Preparedness Plan in your workplace

Pandemic Order Form – to help you order the correct products to keep your workplace Safe and Sanitized!

Visit to access these downloads today or call 1-800-361-7691 to talk to one of representatives.


For more information:Wood Wyant 1-800-361-7691


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