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Press Release: Dr. Zein Obagi MD Launches November Promotion, the Ultimate Anti-Aging 1-2 Punch

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ZO Skin Health and Dr. Obagi release their November promotion, the ultimate 1-2 punch in anti-aging skincare products to combat wrinkles and lines.

This November promotion features two of their wildly popular anti-aging skin creams, the Oclipse Sunscreen Primer and the Ossential Daily Power Defense.

Knock out lines and wrinkles and prevent future damage with Dr. Obagi’s favorite one-two punch!

For a limited time only get a FREE Oclipse Sunscreen +Primer SPF 30 with the purchase of Ossential Daily Power Defense:

Oclipse™ was named the #1 best sunscreen by the online beauty authority. Not just because it's a great sunscreen (there are lots of those!) and not just because it multi-tasks as a makeup primer (although that's nice too!) and not just because it's tinted (bye bye white and pasty sunscreen!). The best part: it's something you'll want to wear every day of your life (have you ever said that about a sunscreen?). Features natural melanin and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. If you're going to do just one nice thing for your skin this is it.

According to Dr. Obagi, “A day without sunscreen is like winning the battle and losing the war. You need to protect your skin even on cloudy days, when you’ll still be exposed to UVA Rays.”

The Ossential Daily Power Defense uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skin's recovery capabilities. These special enzymes attach directly to your own DNA molecules and repair oxidative damage caused by UV exposure. It works all day with time-release retinol, enzymes and anti-oxidants to repair damaged cells and protect against future damage.

“I don’t compromise, and you wouldn’t either. With more active ingredients and higher concentrations, ZO Skin Health products address the needs of women who are concerned about skin aging and want to fight aging…fight hard!” Dr. Obagi states.

This special web promotion is perfect for a Winter gift for yourself, a member of your family, or a friend. Dr. Obagi’s 1-2 Punch will be sure to protect your skin from lines and wrinkles in a way that you’ve never experience before.

This promotion ends November 30th so order yours today!


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