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Entertainment in association with are pleased to announce the provision of our new Digital Media Distribution Service For Radio Stations also known as DMDSFRS. DMDSFRS is a secure download page created for each individually authorized: commercial, community, college and or university radio stations located Worldwide. Press Release (01/13/2016) - will be providing this new service FREE of charge to radio broadcasting stations across the world. At present this new service will only be available for all of the Digital Singles (One Song) from the Digital Record (Five Songs) Show The World by Songster Recording Artist Abbey West as they are released for purchase via digital download Worldwide.

Abbey West's debut Digital Single Think About which was released for purchase via digital download Worldwide on Friday November 13th, 2016, will be the first Digital Single to be offered under this new service. Moving forward, this service will be available for all current and future Songster Recording Artists with new Digital Singles for release via digital download Worldwide.

Abbey West was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. At the age of 17, Abbey West had written over 70 songs and was discovered on Facebook in 2014. On Monday November 3rd, 2014, Abbey West was signed to Songster Records as solo Songster Recording Artist featured in Pop Rock genre. Abbey West is currently 18 years of age and has written, produced and recorded her debut Digital Record Show The World which was released for purchase via digital download Worldwide on Friday November 13th, 2015. Show The World is 100% Canadian Content and contains sound tracks 1 through 5 as follows:

Sound track 1 - Think About
Sound track 2 - Coffee
Sound track 3 - Meaning Of A Friend
Sound track 4 - Memory Lane
Sound track 5 - The Best And The Worst

On Friday November 13th, 2015, Show The World by Abbey West was submission to the 2016 Canadian Juno Awards Submissions in the categories as follows:

- Best Breakthrough Artist of the Year
- Best Songwriter of the Year

The term debutante as defined by is a young lady being introduced to society for the first time. As Abbey West is a young lady at 18 years of age whom possesses a wide vocal range accompanied by a unique musical style which is suitable for many genres and is being introduced to all forms of society Worldwide for the first time via genres as follows:

- Capriccio Rock

- Country Music

- Pop Rock

- R n B

Hence, Abbey West being branded by as the Pop Rock Debutante.

Any given radio broadcasting station which feels the Digital Single Think About by Abbey West fits their stations broadcasting format whether they are: commercial radio, community radio, college radio or university radio station formats, they are encouraged to apply to become an Authorized Radio Station. The Authorized Radio Station Application Form may be found at and may be found by typing the search word DMDSFRS in to any Google Search Engine Worldwide. The Authorized Radio Station Application Form provides with the required information which will only be shared with SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and their international affiliates, so that they may collect royalties on the behalf of Abbey West and Once each individual radio station has submitted an Authorized Radio Station Application Form, a secure download page will be created for each individual authorized radio station within two business days from the date of submission, once all the information submitted has been verified.

Each individually authorized radio station may only have access to their secure download page which will contain as follows:

- The Master Digital Single Think About by Abbey West in digital audio file formats: .M4A, .MP3 and .WMA. which is 100% CanCon for use On-Air. Should any individual authorized radio station require any other form of digital audio format, Songster Records will provide that radio station the required digital audio file format at no charge within two business days from the date first requested.

- Digital Artwork (Jacket Cover) for the Digital Single Think About for use on each authorized radio stations website.

- A 30 Second Sound Bite of the Digital Single for use On-Air. - A News Release (Press Release) for use On-Air by On-Air Personalities. - A copy of the Think About End User License Agreement uses a proprietary Digital Download System first implemented by which allows up to 10,000,000 of the same digital file to be downloaded Worldwide simultaneously. Both the Digital Single Think About by Abbey West and the Digital Record Show The World by Abbey West may only be purchased Worldwide via download at various web pages found on, various web pages found at and various web pages found throughout the Digital Media Network.

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