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Press Release: How to Escape Debtor's Prison Forever!

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I am a mortgage professional with 23 years in the financial industry, and I’ve noticed an alarming trend, especially during the past few years of my career: That is the number of people resigned to the idea of working past age 65, not out of a desire to do so, but for sheer economic necessity, in order to have enough to live on.
As years go by, I see more middle aged people with less and less savings, and more and more debt. Though not so close as what we’ve seen happen in the U.S., it nevertheless appears to be on the rise, with no signs of reversing.

As an economic trend watcher and mortgage professional, I’ve spent much time attempting to develop strategies so that Canadians can get off the debt treadmill. Not only does it stand in the way of enjoying a comfortable retirement, it can be financially dangerous for those with higher than average debt loads - if what many experts say is true about the coming long-term economy and interest rates, the implications for many Canadians in this situation are quite alarming.

By partnering with other like-minded financial industry leaders, I believe we have solutions which are innovative, out of the box, and are unknown to the vast majority of Canadians. They can not only break the bonds of debt and help avoid the dangerous pitfalls that a changing economy can bring, but can also help to create wealth both short term and long term.


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