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Press Release: Ladies: Dump the sarong, what you need is a Towelini

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Shopping Press Release - The Towelini is a tapered beach towel with two handles integrated into the top end. These handles allow the Towelini to be wrapped around the wearers body and tied in a variety of styles so as to create a dress.

There's a revolutionary new cover-up hitting the beach for the spring/summer 2008 season. Towelini, is a cleverly designed oversized beach towel that can be worn as a dress. Whereas most cover-ups are useless once you get to the beach, the Towelini, once untied, becomes a large, plush towel made from 100% organic cotton. Wrapped around the body and tied, it's a stylish casual dress perfect for covering up at the beach, pool or spa or just for lounging around the house.

The Towelini comes in one size that fits most women - for real. Since the Towelini is wrapped around the body and tied in place it is completely adjustable. The Towelini can be worn in dozens of different styles, depending on how the straps are tied. "We put a few examples of how to wear the Towelini on the website, but there are probably hundreds more styles possible."

The creator of Towelini, Susan McVety, came up with the idea while on vacation in Sand Key Beach, Florida. Tired of lugging a deluxe size beach towel to the beach every day, she eventually tried tying it around herself sarong style. The fashion and practicality of a wearable towel was obvious. "I felt so liberated not having to carry a towel anymore."

The 2008 line of Towelinis are made from 100% organic cotton and come in three bright colors. The collection is manufactured in Montreal and available via the website:

The Towelini is affordably priced at $46.99 plus shipping.

For all other inquiries contact Towelini Inc. at 514 967 9827


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