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Press Release: Texas T in your old PC?

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Business Press Release - Barrie, Ontario - According to a recent article published on, researchers from the Romanian Academy's Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry have discovered a way to extract fossil fuels from Printed Circuit Boards.

In light of this discovery, is it possible that our growing heaps of obsolete gadgetry could be part of the solution? Might every province have a "tar sands" project of their own?

The article doesn't go on to discuss whether the technology is commercially viable yet, however perhaps by using this process we can add a few years to our oil reserves?

The fact that this is a subject of research further illustrates the necessity to divert waste electronics from landfills - the prices we pay at the gas pump could depend on it.

"We're looking for an oil & gas company or mining firm to partner with us so that we can extend our reach and collect as much of this stuff as possible" said Patrick Hebert, president of ltd.

"This news, combined with existing knowledge of the amount of precious and semi-precious metals contained in e-waste should get the attention of oil and other resource companies. Our business models are similar - except we're mining trash"

About Patrick Hebert &

Patrick Hebert is the director of Ltd which is a social enterprise that is pioneering the Responsible Computer Afterlife Management business. Living with medical challenges, Patrick has built the company around the Triple Bottom Line philosophy - improving tomorrow by keeping resources working to benefit all people and the planet while turning a profit. The company employs persons with employment barriers to refurbish, reuse and recycle computer technology as part of this mission.

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