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Press Release: Goal setting advice for freelance writers and copywriters.

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Nick Usborne's Goal Setting Rituals is the second in a series of guides created to help freelance writers and copywriters increase their productivity and income while working at home. Press Release - MONTREAL - Freelance writers and copywriters often struggle with setting clear goals when working from home. As with all knowledge workers, writers rarely work within any formal production process. And, at the end of each day, it's hard to determine just how productive or successful one has been, unless one has a clear set of milestones and goals to work towards. To address these issues, and more, Nick Usborne is publishing a series of guides aimed at helping writers and copywriters work more effectively and increase their income. The second of these guides, focused on setting clear and effective goals, is now available at

"Freelance writers and copywriters tend to work month to month, without any clear goals in mind," says Nick Usborne, author of Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy (McGraw-Hill) and winner of 15 major awards for his direct-response copywriting for clients like Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Diners Club International, The Getty Trust, John Deere, Reuters, Encyclopedia Britannica and many others. Nick has over 25 years' experience working as a freelancer and is also an author and freelance business coach.

"The purpose of the Goal Setting Rituals guide is to teach freelance writers and copywriters how to go through the goal-setting process," says Usborne. "Why Rituals and not Habits? Because habits can be either good or bad and tend to arise unconsciously. Rituals are deliberate and conscious and better enable knowledge workers to establish and repeat a positive work process that will help them get more done and make more money."

More information about the Goal Setting Rituals guide is available at


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