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Media Release: The RINJ Foundation says "Consent is addictive as f*ck!!"

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Sex education is needed in North American schools so that "consent" can be taught and rape culture defeated. - The RINJ Foundaton Executive Director Press Release (05/12/2015)

Consent is addictive as f*ck!! says The RINJ Foundation

Consent is addictive as f*ck!

Instead of being a rape apologist why not be a consent proponent?

Because of rape apologism (you say rape is always going to happen and nothing will change that because it is human nature) is so widespread, survivors of rape often don't tell anyone about their ordeal because they know they are unlikely to be taken seriously. The survivor then doesn't receive the support they need from family, medical health professionals, and law enforcement, and this lack of support makes it much less likely they will overcome their trauma.

Rape Apologists Destroy Lives

Rape apologism destroys lives. Rape apologism also promotes rape, since it assures rapists that it is unlikely their victims will come forward and be taken seriously. Stop saying "rape happens". And let's stop the rising rate of sex crime that victimizes men, women and children. We do that by educating children and their families about sexual health, reproduction and consent.

So instead of being a rape apologist, use your energy to promote consent.

Consent is as addictive as f*ck.

Since sex crime is the fastest growing crime and most children are now being exposed to that risk, the approach of accepting "Rape exists and will exist through out time" is a crime of itself. Kids cannot consent. They are extremely vulnerable. We must demonstrate zero tolerance for non-consenting sex and quash rape apology altogether. Learn About Consent

Consent is as addictive as f*ck.


"She had too much to drink!" Then she cannot consent and any sexual contact is an assault, maybe rape.

One of the problems with misogyny is that it presumes consent.

Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including:

  • the condoning or conduct of sexual discrimination,
  • the condoning or conduct of denigration of women,
  • the condoning or conduct of violence against women, and
  • the condoning or conduct of sexual objectification of women.

-- 30--

About The RINJ Foundation


- To exist for the benefit of the general public.
- To help prevent rape and sexual assault crime.
- To assist those who have become survivors of rape and sexual assault crime.

RINJ Opposes Gender-Based Violence

The RINJ Foundation seeks a safer world for you and your family by preventing gender-based violence and supporting survivors of this crime. The foundation educates public officials, the general public, social media providers and traditional media outlets about the dangers to society of misogyny; monitors and reports on actors who commit or order the commission of acts of sexual violence as a tactic of genocide or war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group. The RINJ Foundation monitors and reports on global court proceedings related to rape / sexual assault; educates for a more learned and open discussion of the issues of sexual assault; provides education, general information and study resources to enhance the safety of the person; and overall seeks a higher adherence to safe community standards. The RINJ Foundation seeks better criminal justice while advancing a rape-averse social conscience.

RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics

Helping Rape Survivors & Encouraging the Prosecution of Rapists:

1. The RINJ Foundation collects donations and offers funding assistance for counseling; medical aid; reconstructive surgery; and special care and attention otherwise unavailable owing to funding or specialist resource issues.

2. The RINJ Foundation raises funds for the purchase of 'rape kits'and/or the funding of rape kit testing. First responders and hospitals must have rape kits and completed rape kits must be immediately tested with results sent posthaste to police and prosecutors.

3. RINJ shares learning for the betterment of court processes;

  • a. provides data to the public about 'wanted' sex offenders/suspects or recently released-from-prison rapists who may be of interest to the community;
  • b. encourages a more diligent execution of duty by law enforcement investigating sexual assault / rape complaints; and
  • c. plays a role in overseeing how sexual assault / rape survivors in war-torn countries find remedy.

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