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Press Release: A Call Of The Wild; Wolves Teach A Wild Wisdom In Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

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Walking on a wild side is nothing new for the director and founder of A Wolf Adventure, in Northern Saskatchewan Canada. Skylar Breton helps to unlock a natural wild wisdom within us all, while teaching the next generation about a highly misunderstood wild animal, the wolf.

The sun is just starting to rise within a pristine forest setting, at A Wolf Adventure; a licensed wolf outreach and eco conservation center, in Northern Saskatchewan Canada, when a haunting yet familiar song, suddenly pierces through the air. One is left with a spine tingling sensation that feels too sacred for words.

There is something primal in this song of all songs.
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan March 22nd, 2008 -- A young Metis girl enters into the picture and is a modern day little red riding hood of the teenage kind, only hold the "big bad wolf" please. Mandy Lafond has walked, howled, kissed and experienced a long term friendship with some pure wolves, in a way many people her age can only dream of, at A Wolf Adventure

For Mandy a 15 year old girl, grade 9 student, what started off as simply being wild about wolves as a 12 year old, has turned into a fascinating friendship that has spanned a few years now, and simply embraces the non typical variety of friends.

These friends have very big paws and very big teeth, but ask Mandy how she feels, and if she is scared she will be eaten like little red riding hood grandmother, and she will laugh and say "I don't understand all the bad stuff said about wolves. People just don't know them the way I do." "Tibet is my favorite, she is the sweetest wolf " "Dharma is a beautiful wolf too, I love her eyes. I call her DD, and oh my god, Legend and Eco are sooo beautiful! I have all kinds of friends, so what is the big deal?."

Mandy has spent quite a few days and nights over the years frolicking at the beautiful licensed wolf outreach and eco conservation center. When started back over 10 years ago now, the director founder was simply a girl herself of a tender 19, when fate would change her course of life forever.

When asked, Skylar gives a small smile, and quietly responds "Even though in school I was voted most likely to become an artist, and work with wildlife. I guess I wound up combining doing all three, artistry, working with wild animals, and having youth from all different backgrounds come into my life."

"When I came upon a caged pet wolf at a road side zoo as a young girl, unlicensed to take in such animals, I KNEW I had to do something. So, I went about proper protocol and got licensed in order to save this precious animal"

"When fate brought this scared beautiful poorly caged wolf into my life, I had just rescued a wolfdog from a bad place, his name was Echo, he did not have a lot of wolf but the sweetest dog I had ever shared my life with. It set me on a journey to find out more." I had wild animal experience including wild canids, but this would be an adventure of a lifetime."

"I wound up licensed, and what do you then do with that? I felt there was a reason for all that had occurred, and set about seeing that reason take fruition. I learned hard knocks 101 more than any book or regular school could ever teach us about these animals." As Skylar or Mandy speak, the wolves seem to respond as if talking to them in return, I sensed an unspoken communication that was going on as well.

Mandy takes queue and responds with a wicked howl. Skylar says "The wolves treat Mandy as a part of the pack family, they know she is not a wolf but they accept her and in a world where it is hard to be accepted just for who you are."

"Mandy has created a trust and bond with the animals here. Skylar says, "They don't care what she wears, how she talks, who wouldn't enjoy that kind of atmosphere?" Keep in mind Mandy also knows how to act around them, as they still are wild animals regardless of being raised in captivity. There is still that edge and it is quickly pointed out to me by Skylar.

Mandy sits with Eco and Legend two beautiful Arctic wolves, and if wolves can smile these ones certainly are. After a moments silence and pause Skylar suddenly states, "It's a simple friendship," How can one argue with simple?" But how do Mandy's parents feel about her interacting with wolves?

I create a trust with parents I meet, I come to the table with who I am, no agenda other than the heart and soul, the desire to share my world. It's very easy to just BE, and others around you will feel that and get it. When you have a genuine desire to give without thought, and without expectation of getting anything in return, you return to an innocence of self. Mandy's dad was super cool right off the bat."

"If you have stars in your eyes that you will make a lot of money using *wild animals* you may make certain decisions or make compromises, you might otherwise not make in regards to these animals. There is no money to make when it comes to animals lives. This is work I do out of pure passion and drive to educate."

"Any great zoo will tell you, working with animals the right way is not a way to get rich. That is why there are so many horrible road side zoos that should be shut down through out Canada, and the world for that matter."

For Mandy it all goes over her head at this age, all she knows is how she feels when she enters into this wild world that is situated on even wilder lands. " I feel free." she says. For additional information on A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Insight programs and facilities please visit

A Wolf Adventure is a Provincially licensed, wolf outreach and eco conservation center that fosters and promotes a healthy respect of wildlife and surrounding habitat. A Wolf Adventure strives to foster an appreciation in the young to old, not just of a highly misunderstood rarely seen wild animal, but most importantly of the natural wild lands.

Skylar Breton (director /founder)
A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Insight

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