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Press Release: Beware - not all e-recyclers are created equal

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Environment Press Release - Barrie, Ontario -- As director of a small e-waste reuse and recycling company in Barrie, Ontario I feel it is necessary to educate my fellow citizens of the difference between using a legitimate e-waste recycling organization and "e-vultures" who see the emerging industry as a way to make a quick buck.

Green is a trend for some companies. To me green is increasingly becoming a part of life.

It has come to my attention that some computer companies and independent consultants advertise that they too offer computer recycling services. Some of these business people see the “green" bandwagon as a way to pad their bottom line - simply discarding what cannot be resold or salvaged and using the lure of “green" as a way to bring more customers in the door to sell more stuff.

We have been criticized for charging monitor disposal fees and suggesting that other companies may resell our disposal services.

Sadly the critics are short-sighted and cannot see that together we can divert more e-waste from our landfills and protect our environment and our children's future.

The reality is that disposing of monitors and televisions in a completely green manner costs over $700 per ton plus handling, trucking, warehousing, and additional fees. For this reason, we charge a modest $1 per screen inch to handle them.

Monitors and televisions cost so much to process because they contain hazardous compounds such as lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic chemicals. We do not crack open monitors or TVs. We send them to specialists who guarantee recycling in order to protect ourselves and our employees.

What makes us legitimate are these facts:

* We ONLY deal with downstream processors who have committed to the principles of the Basel Action Network's Electronic Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship

* Trashing technology is not an option - when we determine a device cannot be reused (reuse is our primary mission), it will be recycled whether we earn revenue from it or have to pay for processing.

* Hazardous materials (disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries) are sent to approved processors at our expense.

In closing, beware of those who claim to be e-recyclers or offer e-waste processing services. We've learned (the hard way - by spending thousands of dollars on eco-friendly monitor & TV processing) that it is not presently possible to recycle TVs or monitors in a completely environmentally friendly manner for free.

When choosing an organization to process your old PC, don' be afraid to ask the organization what they do with the items that can't be reused or recycled.

Patrick Hebert, President Ltd.

About Patrick Hebert
Patrick Hebert is the president of Ltd which is a social enterprise that is pioneering the Responsible Computer Afterlife Management business. Living with medical challenges, Patrick has built the company around the Triple Bottom Line philosophy improving tomorrow by keeping resources working to benefit all people and the planet while turning a profit. The company employs persons with challenges to refurbish, reuse and recycle computer technology as part of this mission.

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