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Media Release: Narconon ‘Secret Service’ directors named in Montreal lawsuit

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A new date has been confirmed with the Montreal Court Clerk for early January, 2015, to amend the defendants in the lawsuit to include Yvette Shank, Canada's President of Scientology Canada and Director of the 'Office of Special Affairs. Scientology's 'Secret Service' (OSA), is Scientology's "dirty tricks" agency that is responsible for directing legal affairs, public relations, pursuing investigations, publicizing the Church's social betterment programs like Narconon. Media Release (12/19/2014) - The Court Clerk confirmed that indeed, Yvette Shank, Church of Scientology Incorporated, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, and other executives can be added to the lawsuit. Also, a name spelling correction will be made toJean Lariviere - Director of Public Affairs Montreal. All defendants will be served following the January 2015 meeting with Court Clerk.

Narconon Trois-Rivieres director, Therese Sansfacon, is thus far the primary defendant who has already been served and responded to the court with a 'Motion to Dismiss' that has already been denied.

Yvette Shank made an appearance at Narconon Trois-Rivieres a few days before the Quebec Health agency shut the 100 bed drug rehab center down. The Mauricie health agency shut down the Scientology-based centre, saying it was preying on a vulnerable and desperate client base and the centre performed dangerous, unscientific treatments with no proper medical supervision.

Of the fifty-five criteria required for Narconon Trois-Rivieres to receive certification, the Quebec Accreditation Council identified forty-six deficiencies, twenty-six of them considered high-risk. One of the procedures that represent a health risk is the sauna sweating sessions combined with massive doses of vitamins.

The "dirty tricks" aftermath from the Scientology's rehab center being shuttered, is what this Montreal lawsuit is all about. Reams of evidence documents, numerous witness statements, leaked emails, and recorded interviews will be presented at trial.

The clerk will then ensure that all witnesses are summoned to appear to testify before the Small Claims Division. People who appear before the Small Claims Division represent themselves, without a lawyer.

A trial without Scientology lawyers in the court room could make for an interesting hearing. If the defendant does not appear, a judgment may be rendered by default, with or without a hearing.

However, the actual court date for trial is more than one year away, and when one is in the 'litigation theater' with Scientology, always expect the unexpected - without a doubt.

By David Love


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