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Media Release | Saskatchewan

Media Release: NDP says it's past time to ditch smart meter manufacturer Sensus

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It's time to walk away from smart meter manufacturer Sensus and demand a full refund, according to the NDP after yet another smart meter fire Tuesday.

NDP caucus Media Release (12/17/2014) Regina, SK - NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon also called on the government to come clean about the dangers of smart meters on homes over the winter. It claimed Saskatchewan families would be safe because the rash of smart meter fires had been caused by rain, but with Tuesday's fire in sub-zero temperatures, that's obviously not true.

"It's time to break it off with this company that has created one fire-prone dud model after another," said Wotherspoon. "Get our money back, and get Sensus meters out of Saskatchewan permanently."

The government signed a secret settlement with Sensus, promising to give the American company another $18 million of Saskatchewan's money, or buy more of the company's smart meters in the future.

"That's not on," said Wotherspoon. "Sensus version 3.2 started fires in Saskatchewan and across North America. Sensus version 3.3 started fires in Saskatchewan and across North America. Now the government is actually using taxpayer money to pay Sensus to come up with version 3.4, and expecting different results. That's ludicrous.

"I don't want a Sensus smart meter on my home - ever - and I don't think other Saskatchewan families do, either."

Wotherspoon said the NDP wants the government to recover the $5 million gift it gave Sensus to develop a new meter, and the $18 million being held for the purchase of new Sensus smart meters. He added that the government should not rule out taking legal action to recover Saskatchewan ratepayers' money if necessary.

Wotherspoon also reiterated his call for the government to make the removal of the dangerous smart meters an urgent priority, getting them off families' homes much quicker than their current timeline.

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Erin Morrison, NDP caucus


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