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Media Release: Scientology Narconon drug rehab negligent care and death

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Late this evening, Saturday, March 1, 2014, a family member of Arlene Gasparini, an ex-Narconon patient (now deceased) gave written permission for this tragedy to be published. My request for permission was responded with: "I've been walking through hell since we lost her." Before Arlene passed away, the family member stated, "I was in the kitchen when Arlene gave you permission to go ahead and use her name." Media Release (03/02/2014) Arlene Gasparini was at a Scientology drug rehab, Narconon Trois-Rivieres in 2009. The 'writer' visited her in the Narconon detox (Withdrawal Unit) when she arrived where she was in bed reading a magazine - looked over, smiled and waved.

How could a young 43 year old women die, after spending $23,000.00 for drug treatment with a promoted 76% success rate after leaving? Narconon Trois-Rivieres was one of the larger Scientology drug rehabs with a 100 bed co-ed capacity. Mr. Brad Melnychuk, Director of ABLE Canada attended Narconon Trois-Rivieres when Arlene was there and had stated that, "Narconons are improving, and some of them are very close to a 100% success rate." (Thursday, May 30, 2002 - 37th PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION - EVIDENCE CONTENTS - "Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs")


There are at least 14 documented deaths of patients dying while in the care of Narconon, but few deaths are revealed after they leave. Unfortunately, this is one of many.

After graduating from the Withdrawal Unit, Arlene was transferred over to the women's dorm and began her Scientology indoctrination with Narconon Book One -- "Therapeutic TR Course." The "TR" course is 100% Scientology "Training Routines" as seen on Scientology's website: "TRs" (training regimens or routines) are practical drills that put you at cause over communication - the key to success in all human relationships. (…) Do your TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course at your local Scientology mission!"

The TRs are a series of mind-numbing exercises that are done on what Scientologists call "the gradient" -- knowledge is presented in bite-sized pieces that won't cause the student to leave the training session.

After graduating Book One, Arlene was called to an upstairs office where she was informed that she could not begin the next phase of the Narconon program, The Sauna Purification. Arlene's blood tests indicated high liver enzyme counts due to liver disease from Hepatitis C. Arlene was instructed to consume lots of water, take Narconon's vitamin regime, and wait for further blood test results. One of these vitamins was NIACIN - toxic and contraindicated for patients with liver disease.

For healthy adults, 'Canada Health' recommends a maximum daily dose of 500 Milligrams per day, and states: "Do not exceed the recommended dose except on the advice of a physician."

Narconon administers up to 2,600 to 5,000 milligrams of NIACIN in one single dose!

It is not uncommon for drug addicts attending a Narconon program to have a compromised liver from alcoholism, liver disease, and Hepatitis C. High -- toxic doses of NIACIN are "like pouring gasoline on a fire," stated one physician recently.

Even though Arlene was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and high liver enzyme counts, eventually she was sent into the Sauna Purification. Greed for the mighty dollar and "still in program Stats" sent to Scientology every Thursday by 2 PM are more important that patient safety and well-being in many cases such as this.

Arlene Gasparini did not complete the Narconon Trois-Rivieres program - she was kicked out and sent home.

Drug use by patients and even more so by Narconon Staff was common place. According to the junior Ethics Officer at NN TR, drugs were smuggled inside 'care packages' sent in by friends and family. One lot of drugs arrived inside a pair of stereo speakers, more arrived on Sunday visits.

The senior and junior Ethics Officers were informed that a 'care package' was arriving for Arlene with drugs concealed in a shampoo bottle.

The 'writer' was sitting in the Ethics Officers apartment with the Senior Ethics officer when the phone rang from Narconon. The junior Ethics Officer asked for the other Officer to go to Narconon and help with the search because the drugs were not found. Inebriated and too drunk to drive, the Junior Ethics Officer was told to, "just get a shrimp skewer from the kitchen and poke around inside the shampoo bottle." The correct search method would be pouring out the shampoo and the drugs would pour out with the liquid, but Narconon staff are not trained - many, including these 2 Ethics Officers, were recent Narconon Graduates. Their hearts were in the right place wanting to help people, but there was no qualified training whatsoever.

The drugs were not discovered and made their way into the woman's dorm. Arlene was kicked out and sent home without any drug treatment, counselling, or therapy - only $23,000.00 worth of Scientology mind control indoctrination.

Arlene Gasparini died of a drug overdose on March 12, 2011 and the "Report of Post-Mortem Examination" states that Arlene's liver was 50% destroyed. Arlene Gasparini already had liver damage before entering the Narconon program, and it's impossible to determine how much damage was due to the toxic NIACIN doses?

Excerpt from Coroner's Report:

The Coroner 'Microscopic Examination' stated that Arlene's liver had, "Severe centrilobular hemorrhagic necrosis involving about 50% of the liver tissue consistent with clinical diagnosis of shock liver."

Coroner reported "Cause of Death" as: a) Anoxic encephalopathy, bronchopneumonia, centrilobular hepatocellular necrosis, and (b Fatal Heroin Overdose.

In the Coroner's Report, Dr. Manowski Zbigniew, noted in the summary of one of the contributing factors of death as: …"Liver and renal failure …"

For the past three years, the details of this story have not been published and to this day, some family members are still struggling in grieving pain for the loss of Arlene Gasparini.

Arlene had twin daughters and a 'niece' who was very close to her - "Arlene was her [niece] secret keeper," the sister said tonight. Her sister believes that talking about this tragic loss would help, stating: "I think it would be better therapy for her than anything she's getting now."

The damage Scientology causes directly to parishoners and Narconon victims is well published, but the unseen damage caused to family members who grieve the loss of loved ones is horrific. Once the evil of Scientology touches one family member, the damage continues for years and decades. Many are never the same person again as they were before this Cult invaded their space.

It is unknown know if Arlene would still be alive today had she received science-based drug rehabilitation treatment at a reputable center instead of Narconon quackery?

What we do know is:

1 - Arlene and family were conned by Narconon claiming a 76% success rate.

2 - Arlene was administered toxic doses of NIACIN when it was known by staff that she had liver disease from Hepatitis C.

3 - Unqualified and negligent staff was not trained to search for incoming drugs in care packages - resulting in patient relapses.

4 - Without a doubt (in 2 documented cases) Narconon staff placed financial gain and their 'Thursday Stats Reports to Scientology' over and above patient safety and well-being.

Arlene Gasparini's Facebook page is still up with comments and loving photos, memories, and posts.

One daughter posted: "Missing you tons today. And every day for the past two years."

A dear friend of Arlene, Devon, posted: "Happy Birthday Leenie! [Arlene] It's beautiful out thank you for shining down on us all today and all the days you do! I feel you always! You were an angel to me the moment you walked into my life and continue to STAND not SIT in that throne lol. Your family loves and misses you very much!"

And her other daughter posted: "I miss you mommy."

Narconon Trois-Rivieres was forced to shut down by the Quebec Health Agency and in Canada, Scientology struggles to open again under the radar in another Province. They tried to open a Narconon in Hockley Valley but public outcry ran them out of town.

Arlene Gasparini's death was not in vain and did inspire many in Canada to have Scientology's drug rehab, Narconon, shut down in disgrace.

Many wishes of "Rest in Peace Arlene."

A Video in memory posted here:


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