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Press Release: 2013 Premiere Van Lines Quality Award Winners Announced

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Premiere Van Lines Inc., an agent of Atlas Van Lines Canada, announced PVL Quality Award winners for 2013. Press Release (02/14/2014) MISSISSAUGA, ON - Premiere Van Lines Inc., an agent of Atlas Van Lines Canada, announced PVL Quality Award winners for 2013. The Award Ceremony was held at the Courtyard Mississauga-Airport Corporate Centre West hotel during the 9th Annual Management Meeting.

"We are very pleased to recognize and honour an exceptional achievements of Premiere Van Lines branches and Premiere employees across Canada" said Magnus Olsen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Premiere Van Lines Inc. "Our Company is very proud to acknowledge the staff who go above and beyond in order to create an outstanding customer experience".

A list of all the 2013 award winners and the award categories follows:

Exceptional Quality Service Overall

Winner - Premiere Van Lines Sydney

2nd place - Premiere Van Lines Fredericton

3rd place - (tie) Premiere Van Lines Calgary & Premiere Van Lines Moncton

Greatest Quality Improvement Overall

Winner - Premiere Van Lines Edmonton

2nd place - Premiere Van Lines Sydney

3rd place - Premiere Van Lines Barrie

Top Quality Sales Representative

Winner - David Chaisson, Premiere Van Lines Halifax

2nd place - Stephen Gee, Premiere Van Lines Moncton

3rd place - Derick LeFloch, Premiere Van Lines Fredericton

Highest Quality Packing/Unpacking

Winner - Premiere Van Lines Truro

2nd place (tie) - Premiere Van Lines Edmonton & Premiere Van Lines Fredericton

3rd place - Premiere Van Lines Mississauga

Top Quality Premiere Prime Fleet Operator

Winner - Ray Murray, Premiere Van Lines Halifax

2nd place - Curtis Crouse, Premiere Van Lines Halifax

3rd place - Dale McPhee, Premiere Van Lines Sydney

Top Quality Premiere Supplemental Fleet Driver

Winner - Rob Finnie, Premiere Van Lines Fredericton

2nd place - Travis Hoover, Premiere Van Lines Barrie

3rd place - Ricky Roussel, Premiere Van Lines Halifax

"On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to extend my congratulations to all the award winners and express our gratitude for all the hard work each of the PVL branches and employees are putting towards the success of the Group" said Magnus Olsen. "We feel that thanks to a continuous positive input from our branches the Premiere Group is stronger than ever and we are looking forward to the bright future" Olsen added.


About Premiere Van Lines Group of Companies

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the moving business, Premiere Van Lines offers a wide range of moving services for residential, commercial and corporate customers, including storage. Operating in key markets across Canada and employing more than 1000 employees, Premiere Van Lines provides local and long distance moving within North America through the affiliation with Atlas Van Lines and overseas moving. Premiere guarantees best practices, worldwide, start to finish from independently owned and operated locations. The extensive business experience allows Premiere Van Lines to raise the bar on the Art of Moving™ and change people's minds about moving, offering an uncompromising level of satisfaction.

No matter what you need to move, following the Art of Moving™ practices, the Premiere Van Lines Team will help make sure your next move is a masterpiece. More information about Premiere Van Lines:

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