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Press Release: Going to the mall is even more entertaining than ever

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"Coquitlam Centre allows for easy access to top brands for shoppers of a growing community." Press Release (02/13/2014) COQUITLAM, BC - Getting new investors is not an easy job in today's economy. But when you have the right tools, it can happen. That is what The War Room is doing for Coquitlam Centre. The Video Marketing firm created a series of videos which will give information on the mall, it's surrounding areas and the expansion to come. The video promotes the shopping centre as a key destination for shoppers.

New video material is helping investors get to better know one of the largest shopping malls in metro Vancouver. Coquitlam Centre is promoting the mall through a video showcasing its best features.

When Coquitlam Centre wanted to fill open spaces with new vendors from across Canada and the US they turned to War Room with the request for a video that will elevate the mall's marketing strategy. Having the team of right professionals and great ideas allowed War Room to create a video that showcases the best features of the shopping area. With the compelling material Coquitlam Centre got armed with solid proof of what it has to offer. Being the first mall in BC to receive partnership with H&M and Target, the shopping mall wanted to show what investors and customers can expect.

Having so many features to offer not only to the vendors, but to the customers Coquitlam Centre is one of the fastest growing trade areas in metro Vancouver. The mall is home to 200 retail stores and attracts 10.7 million customers every year.

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War Room offers you the opportunity to deliver your message within the quality video content your market is watching. Connected to over 1 billion consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide. We target the demographic you're looking to advertise to with costs much lower than similar options such as Google AdWords campaigns and higher ROI.

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