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Press Release: Whotspot offers Idiot-Proof WiFi Hotspot Equipment for Campgrounds, RV Parks and Marinas

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Business is pleased to announce its new, idiot-proof, wireless mesh networking equipment WiFi hotspot with setup in about 5 minutes. After years of real-life testing and feedback from clients, all complexity has been removed. If you can plug in a lamp, you can install WiFi anywhere! Press Release (02/10/2014) - Whotspot provides managed WiFi equipment and services, including Wireless Routers, Access Points, Repeaters, Unique Enclosures and Power Supplies to facilitate venues in providing controlled WiFi.

Expectations of campers are high. These computer junkies need their fix of daily email, even while on vacation or camping. Whotspot now offers an amazingly simple solution for finicky customers. Starting with only a $99 WiFi Gateway connected to your exiting broadband (cable, DSL, fiber or satellite) modem, you can instantly offer branded, free or paid, controlled WiFi to your campers. Need greater coverage, just add more $99 access points as you like.

Now when a client complains he cannot access the WiFi from his site, you can add a repeater to the main network as fast as you can plug it in. Each device can act as a gateway, router, access point, bridge, repeater creating a self-healing, self-aware true mesh network - in a few minutes. Best of all, Whotspot manages it all in the Cloud.

"This is the lowest cost, smartest campground solution available", states Terry Fagen, President of Whotspot. At only $99, each device connects to the cloud where Whotspot manages the network. A network can have geographically diverse gateways - all managed from 1 location - prefect for multiple locations or applying a national brand.

Mr. Fagen continues, "What can be simpler - Plug it in and it works! We have experienced a 100% success rate!"

For more information, visit their web site at :

About Whotspot
Whotspot® was born out of a growing need to easily access the Internet. Today, Whotspot® is here to make internet access ubiquitous. Whotspot® is a WiFi hotspot equipment and service company. We provide simple wireless solutions so you do not have to think about what you need, how it works or when to control access. Just plug it in and it works. We manage it all for you. Whotspot® adds value by taking out the guesswork. For more information please contact Terry Fagen, by visiting


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