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Press Release: Scientific Approach to Hiring Can Save Employers Thousands

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A wrong-hire can cost an employer between three and four times the candidate's annual salary. This release announces a new proprietary hiring system that uses a scientific approach. This new approach removes gut reaction from the process, helping employers to find the right employee the first time. Press Release (02/10/2014) Calgary, AB: Business Edge Staffing introduces its proprietary hiring system that applies a scientific approach to the hiring process, saving employers thousands by finding the right employee the first time.

"The standard approach to recruiting for about 80% of employers is to look at the resume and interview candidates who have the skills the employer is looking for," says Nagui Bihelek, President and CEO, Business Edge Staffing. "If in the interview they can confirm the candidate's skills, and they like the person in front of them, the employer will most likely offer them the job. This is known as the "gut" method. This lack of scientific foundation means more than 50% of hires end up being wrong-hires."

"A wrong-hire is an employee who doesn't get the results you expected, and doesn't stay -- either because he realizes he is in the wrong place, or because he is fired," Bihelek adds.

Within the recruitment industry, the rule of thumb is that a bad hire will cost an employer between three and four times the annual salary. Lost windows of opportunity, impact on team morale, lost customers, and sheer frustration add up to a great deal more than just the salary paid to the employee. While a large corporation may be able to absorb a $200,000 hiring mistake, the same loss can be devastating to small businesses.

Business Edge Staffing takes a scientific approach to the hiring process. Their AccuMatch program uses a combination of four different personality and job profiling tools to increase the probability of a good match between employer and candidate to more than 80%. Profiling experts analyse the candidate's face-to-face interview, removing gut reaction from the decision-making process.

Employers benefit from a scientific approach by finding candidates who not only have the skills and abilities required of the position, but who also match the company's culture and values. This "right-hire" gets results and exceeds expectations in the role, and stays in the role because the fit is right.

About Business Edge Staffing

Business Edge Staffing believes that organizations get the people they deserve. When a team is made up of the right talent and dynamics they can achieve amazing results, and quickly catapult organizations from one success to another. The AccuMatch hiring system was developed to create successful employment matches, shifting new hires from 'expense' to 'investment'.



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