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Press Release: New Depo-Melanin Scalp Serum Reverses Gray Hair

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Viaguard Research announces the launch of Depo-Melanin Scalp Serum to stop,reverse and prevent gray hair. Press Release - 05/31/2013 - Depo-Melanin Scalp Serum, a new ground-breaking product, is applied to the scalp and adsorbed into the hair follicle.

It uses a super-catalase and pseudocatalase activated formula to prevent the oxidation of natural melanin pigment by the peroxides found in all follicular blood supply.

As we age, catalase levels diminish and are unable to prevent progressive melanin oxidation, and the resultant gray hair.

Depo-Melanin is supplied in a 120 ml bottle and applied dropwise , as directed, to the scalp areas of gray hair.

The product is safe, effective, has no artificial colors, and represents a significant cosmetic advance.The product is available from Viaguard Research, and selected vendors.

Viaguard Accu-Metrics is a Toronto based biometric and pharmacological firm specializing in DNA analysis and fingerprint clearance services. They provide services to the legal, medical and business sectors and to individuals that require fast and accurate results.

Viaguard originated under the objective of making superior DNA analysis services available to the private sector as well as individuals requiring conclusive answers.

Harvey Tenenbaum, President
416-691-4167 x. 6



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Author: Elia Santiago
Jun 02, 2013
Vitiligo cure
Hi i have seen in the news that this helps with Vitiligo as well is this safe to apply to skin like elbows an knees, Chin etc thank you.

Elia Santiago

Author: Chris Petrovich
Jun 03, 2013
Tried it
Hi I have tried the product and within the first week I do notice my natural colour at the roots so it does look like it is working.

I got 125ml in the bottle but I was wondering if you have larger volumes. If it continues to work I plan on using it for a very long time.

Author: BertH
Jun 07, 2013
It works for facial hair
I purchased the item on and used it only on facial hair. I shaved my beard hoping that the new growth from Depo melanin would no longer be gray. It has been only 4 days and I am actually quite surprised to see no gray at all.

Author: Joy
Jun 07, 2013
Different Formulation for Men & Women
Why is there different formulation for men and women? Aren't the ingredients the same? Just curious...

I just ordered from Amazon...hope it works...

Author: JerryJ
Jun 08, 2013
received it
Received two bottles on Thursday. It goes onto the scalp pretty nicely. No discomfort but I will need to wait for results.

Author: Francisco
Jun 11, 2013
pretty amazing so far
First off I wanted to give a big thanks to Depo melanin for the formula they put together. The ingredients say pseudocatalase so I assume this is the secret to gray hair loss.

I started to use it on the hair on the side of my head to see if there was any benefits. Ater just 1 week I do see a bit of change. The change is not huge but I do see something ... So there is hope lol

Author: SamLopez
Jun 13, 2013
ordered on ebay
just ordered it on ebay. I like how there is no strong scent and it dries pretty fast. Looking forward to it. also like how u provide free shipping for two or more bottles on ebay.

Author: Marcello
Jun 17, 2013
Why pseudocatalase does not feature among the ingredients? Catalase only is shown but this is nothing new.

Author: SamLopez
Jun 19, 2013
Marcello, pseudocatalase is produced by a chemical reaction to give a manganese carbonate molecule. That is pseudocatalase! read the literature bro

Author: Marcello
Jun 20, 2013
Sam, thanks. I wander then why it does not require activation by UVB exposure.

Author: Marcello
Jun 20, 2013
Sam, then last question; the breaking news was about a modified pseudocatalase, being the subject of the research accounted on FASEB . Then you / viaguard (and Francisco who stated above that pseudocatalase is clearly marked - on the bottle) are talking about pseudocatalase. Which is not the MODIFIED pseudocatalase at all.

Thanks everyone for any clarification.

Author: Marcello
Jun 21, 2013
Hey, the study provide this works for vitiligo and elaeyes only! Future researches might make it working even on grey hair!

Have a look of the literature Sam! Best

Author: Carlos
Jun 25, 2013
have used anyone and get results?

Author: stephen wile
Jun 27, 2013
grey man
I have found two hairs that where grey at the tip but where brown at the root.

doing this for 21 days the rest of my hair is looking a little darker.

Author: Dalena
Jul 01, 2013
Where in South is Depo-melanin available? Preferrably in Cape Town? WE are in Saldanha, about 150km North of Cape Town.

Author: rockethead
Jul 02, 2013
I don't understand how this works?
2 weeks ago I got two bottles off the Viagaurd website and did a test to see if it was safe on my kit. I used it on my side burns that were a little bit grey (more like salt and pepper) and they are starting to gain some of its original colour back.

I know 2 weeks is a short time and hard to believe... now I am wondering if this is actually a hair dye? The bottle says 6-8 weeks but I am guessing it is for longer hair.

Author: AxelCastellanos
Jul 04, 2013
Hola vivo en Mexico quiero saber en donde lo compro para utilizarlo gracias

Author: HH4Life
Jul 08, 2013
Depo Melanin
Been using Depo Melanin for 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed any change!

Author: Stephen wile
Jul 09, 2013
Grey man
Been close to 1 month and two weeks. That weird color from my hair dye is being replaced, stay loyal and keep using the product it take time but the finish is so much better. The day is coming where the dye is gone.

Author: grey
Jul 10, 2013
this product work?
To someone this product work?

Author: Kyle
Jul 10, 2013
please contact me Stephen Wile (Grey Man)
Hi Stephen Wile (Grey Man) please contact me at

I have several questions and comments


Author: umar
Jul 13, 2013
want to try
did anyone use depo-melanin in Dubai or uae an got effective result?

Author: Hank
Jul 14, 2013
Why and ebay only?
If the claim is true, it is a revolutionary product with billions of dollar market value. Why do they sell only at eBay and for a small money.

Author: stephen wile
Jul 16, 2013
grey man
Hey Kyle If you got some questions I would love to answer then...shoot. This seem to be working not fast but my color at the rootS seem to be coming back in a salt and pepper way. I'm 44 and went a jay leno white with my front part of my hair a brown at 40ish.

PS any change is good and I am trying to let the new color come in with my hair dye to begin to phase it out.


Author: Kyle
Jul 16, 2013
Hi Stephen, please e-mail me. It is better if I ask privately


Aug 08, 2013
I want to order and use ur product but am in Sudan Darfur- UNAMID a military observer, how can i get it here in Darfur? please help

Author: erica
Aug 20, 2013
im more than 90%grey will it work for me and where can i get it i stay in gauteng south africa

Author: Mered J
Aug 25, 2013
What's in this stuff?
Seriously what is in this stuff. I actually see colour in my hair now and i am pretty shocked.

I see it especially on new thin hairs coming out. Sell this as costco so I can get a bulk size HAHA

Author: JHO
Aug 27, 2013
I notice a bunch of resellers of this product. Anyone know of the cheapest place to buy it? The lowest price was 27 i seen.

Author: Grey
Sep 13, 2013
How can i get this product
Im here in Morocco,plz how can i get this product for my grey hair, and how long i have to use it so as to get a positive result?

Author: HH4Life
Sep 16, 2013
13 weeks of constant use of Depo Melanin (twice a day). No Results!

Author: Warrick
Sep 19, 2013
Local supplier
I'm interested and would like to try this product. Do you have a supplier in South Africa, Cape Town to be specific?

Author: Dayan Navamani
Sep 29, 2013
Sri Lanka
I am keen to import and market the product in Sri lanka. Kindly get in touch with me please.

Author: Amos etu
Sep 29, 2013
please where can i get depo-melanin in nigeria thank you

Author: tahazzat
Oct 03, 2013
depo melanin
hello, how I can get in bangladesh, pls inform. thank u.

Author: Rakshith
Oct 09, 2013
I want to buy your product. but now i am in india then what can I do?

Author: sally
Oct 14, 2013
where in Kenya
got this babyface look at 40 bt my front face got some grey hair. Where in Mombasa Kenya can I get the product?

Author: Ibrahim Suleiman
Oct 21, 2013
Depo Melanin
Where cn I get this super product in Kano Nigeria?

Author: Sophia
Oct 22, 2013
scalp serum
where in namibia can i get the product depo melanin scalp serum

Author: Izac
Oct 27, 2013
Vitiligo for skin and grey hair
Is there any distributor in Malaysia? want to buy and use.

Author: vijay
Oct 28, 2013
i want to buy your prodect
I want to buy your prodect and where I can get in India

Nov 08, 2013
Order for your product
Dear sir,

Do you have out lets for purchase outside Europe? I live in Africa.


Author: Marta Cirilo
Nov 11, 2013
Hi, where I May buy Psedoucatalase hier in Germany? I have many white hair.
grateful for your response.

Author: Mona
Dec 14, 2013
Price of it
I want this product with knowing the price of it and I m staying in India... how can I get this product.
I m having more than 60-70% gray could work on it?

Author: gayatri
Dec 18, 2013
I live in india and want to buy new depo malanin scalp serum from when I can buy it in delhi and also want to know the price rate of 120 ml.
hi I live in india and want to buy new depo malanin scalp serum from where can buy it in delhi (india) and how much the price of it. thanks

Author: ama
Dec 25, 2013
pseudocatalase and kinky hair
Will the product work for kinky hair? How do i get it in Ghana? Can i be an agent in Ghana?

Author: Jane
Dec 26, 2013
Want to buy Depo -Melanin
seems to be a wonderful product. where can i buy Depo melanin in Kenya.

Author: liji
Dec 26, 2013
i live in india and would like to purchase your product DEPO MELANIN SCALP SERUM. i like to know its price and from where it can be purchased

Author: Harold (the mayor of San Francisco) Miller
Jan 11, 2014
good luck with that buddy
I had 2 bottles and I used them both up in 15 weeks, no results, so now I want my money back , but no such luck, nobody in the company will answer my calls.... pissed off customer...

Author: Harvinder Sohal
Jan 12, 2014
Depo Merlanin Scalp Serum
I live in Mumbai. I would like to know its price and from where it can be purchased?

Author: Nitin Kakad
Jan 12, 2014
depo melanin
I want to buy depo melanin in nasik india

Author: neelam
Jan 14, 2014
depo melanin
I live in Noida (U.P.). I would like to know its price and from where it can be purchased? and how much time it will take to work for my hair dark black colour.

Author: james kamau
Feb 07, 2014
Where to get depo melanin
I live in Nairobi KENYA, where can i buy dh depo melanin and the price?

Author: Faghmia Majal
Feb 09, 2014
Vendor in Cape Town South Africa
I would like to know if there is supplier in Cape Town South Africa. Would like to purchase this product locally.
Thank you!!

Author: Uchit slodhara
Feb 19, 2014
is it available in nepal?
Does it really works? i wanna try it as it is the only best remedy i have ever found searching. I have not tried yet because i dont know where i can get in Nepal. I just wanna try it whether it works or not because without doing anything the hair is not going to get its color...

Author: Carlitos
Mar 03, 2014
Carlos Oppezzo
Quiero saber si el producto sirve para el Vitiligo además del cabello gris y que cantidad se requiere para mi cabello totalmente gris (soy hombre de cabeza de tamaño medio) con vitiligo en toda mi cara.

Muchas gracias, espero vuestra respuesta.

Author: Marce
Mar 24, 2014
alguien quede testimonio de este producto para el cabello
Hola Buen Dia alquien que de un testimonio recientede este producto para el cabello?

Someone who in a recent testimony to this hair product?
This really meant?

Author: wambugu
Mar 30, 2014
depo melamine
Where can I buy it in kenya?

Author: paul
Apr 12, 2014
depo melanin
I am in Nigeria and I need this product . I hope it works for me coz I don't like the idea of using dye but I have no choice.

Author: Ndulinga Kapalu
Apr 16, 2014
Whats the maximum period the colour change will remain? is it forever?

Author: indiren
Apr 17, 2014
where can we get get this product in Mauritius?

Author: Subramanyam
Apr 18, 2014
How to get in India
hi I live in india and want to buy new depo malanin scalp serum from where can buy it in delhi (india) and how much the price of it. thanks

Author: JOHN
Jun 07, 2014
Pls where can I get distributors in Nigeria to enable me buy depo melanin 102.
Thanks in anticipation for your assistance.

Author: Jeet
Jun 07, 2014
Depo Melanin - buy from the company
I am from India and I have been using Depo for a year now. But directly from the company viaguard. It has been working fine over the last few months and I will continue. Apply each day you and you will be fine

Author: Deki
Jun 17, 2014
Depo melanin scalp serum
I want to know whether it is available in india...i live in north east india...if it works I'm interested in doing business...thank u..

Author: Asumpter Kanini
Jun 18, 2014
I have lots of grey hair and was wondering if it is available in Kenya.

Would like to know the price as well

Author: khan
Jul 18, 2014
How can get in Delhi, India.

Author: mohammad anwar
Jul 19, 2014
i want depo melanin from india
i am in pakistan and i want to get 120 ml depo melanin scalp serum from india. please guide me and send me e-mail. thanks

Author: Amir
Jul 30, 2014
Depo Melanin works
You need to order depo-melanin from the viaguard company. I have been doing that for 6 months. Order one large batch and it will last you. I see lots of changes and it is working well. good luck ... ordering is the hardest part because they are in canada but shipping to india is no problem.

Author: sene
Aug 14, 2014
je veux de dept de melanine
je vit au senegal je veux votre produit comment faire

Author: sadik
Sep 12, 2014
want to buy
hi. i want to buy this product. i lives in bangladesh. how can i get this product.

Author: jenz
Oct 05, 2014
Where can i get this product
hi, looking on amazon and cant find it can you help me find it please

Author: foqha
Oct 11, 2014
depo melanen
i live in palestine, how can i get it

Author: Agnes Wanjiku Mandu
Oct 14, 2014
Depo melanin
where can I buy this product in Kenya. Is it available in Kenya?

Author: Kathy Ann
Oct 25, 2014
I am keen to import and market the product in Trinidad and Tobago. Kindly contact me please.

Oct 28, 2014
where can i get it to buy in Nigeria
Please help on where to get it to buy in Nigeria or Ghana

Author: hans
Nov 09, 2014
is this product available
hello, am in Mauritius, is there a representative here for this products can be purchase.

thx & kindly rgds,

Author: Noor
Dec 10, 2014
Hereditary hair graying
Hi,I am a 32 years old female and I'd like to ask will this product reverse hereditary hair graying and I live in London(UK) how can I get this product?

Author: Conceição Salvaterra
Jan 15, 2015
European supplier
I ordered Depo-Melanin throught ACCU-Metrics Viaguard. But in the future orders I would like to know if it is possible to order to a European distributor of your product or through ACCU-Metrics Europe? Is it commerciallized in Europe? This is due to live in Portugal, Lisboa

Author: joseph machile
Feb 03, 2015
Grey hair best remedies
what is the difference between Depo- Meelanin and Minoxidil II products. which is more effective in stoping grey hair.

Author: Becca
Feb 28, 2015
Yet to see any result
I have been using this product consistently for 2 months now and haven't seen any difference as grey hair is still ravaging my head. My question is, does this product work on all hair types?

Author: Afroja
Aug 09, 2015
grey hair solution
I live in Bangladesh, how can I get it?

Author: Sandra
Aug 27, 2015
depo melanin
Where to buy it in Portugal or Spain?

Author: haha
Oct 23, 2015
grey hair solution
I live in South Korea, how can I get it?

Author: Danjuma Mohammed
Nov 16, 2015
Depo melanin for men
I am a Nigerian, I want to know how to get this product and does it work for all hair type.

Author: Donna Baham
Mar 05, 2016
does this product makes dark circles around the eyes & on your face
Iam a person of color & I try 2 use everything naturally. my dermatologist has told me 2 stay away from dying my hair bs, it makes dark circles under my eyes. he talks truth bs, the dark circles around my eyes R so ugly 2 me.will your product make the dark patches R dark circles around my eyes. I have used semi colors & they brought the dark circles & discoloring on my face. I love being black but, I don't like the discoloring.I don't like grey hair.I like any color but grey. I am hoping U respond back 2 me. thanks Donna

Author: Full of grey hair
Aug 18, 2016
I hope it works
Hi, I am 37 years old female and I have 90 percent grey hair.. The situation is unbearable.. Does this serum really work??

Has anyone with so many grey hair seen any significant difference??

Author: kofi
Sep 27, 2016
where can i get milanin to buy in Ghan
Where can I get Milan in to buy in Ghana

Author: Asefeh
Aug 11, 2017
Depo-Melanin Scalp Serum Reverses Gray Hair

does Depo-Melanin Scalp Serum to Reverse Gray Hair Really work???

I heard about Hair print and used it and it is all BS.

Is this really working??

Author: Alps shah
Sep 01, 2017
Order depo- melanin
I stay in India and I am 36.I have lots of white hair in front .How do I order from india please advise. After reading about depo- melanin I want to reserve my grey and white hair.Just want to get rid off it.Is it a brand from Canada.

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