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How do I get the most out of my press releases?


To get the most from your press release submissions:

1 - always leave full and complete contact details. News agencies and interested customers are far more likely to react to your press release if all contact details are ready and waiting. Include a full contact name, address, telephone number and your Internet details such as website URL and email address.

2 - Submit often - people like fresh news.

3 - Once we have published your press release try to link to it from another website. What this does is show the search engines that the content is getting votes (links) and thus is important. This gives more Internet weight on searches to your press release publication and makes it much more likely to be found by Internet searchers.

4 - Social sites and related bookmarking websites like Twitter and Facebook offer more places for you to highlight your published press release. Utilize the social bookmarking tools we make available with your published press release.

The more links you create on different websites will also help - but don't spam!

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